Ummm buff the Hatchling 101

So…i thought of asking yall this do anyone wanna see Hatachling 101 get a front facing satalite instead of right side? For me yeah i wanna! Lemme know ur thoughts in the poll.

  • Yes change it to front facing.
  • Nah keep as it is.
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Every single thing you wrote, most people gonna disapprove them, unfortunately for you…

Plus Hatchling Lines are supposed starter ships, why buff

As if the key boost it gives isn’t a buff already…

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ok so, how would a front facing “satalite” help the “Hatachling 101”

what good would it do

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Puttin it in front of the ship won’t save u fast enough from some projectiles my friend… I’m afraid i may not be right but yeah

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I see ur point.

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I only kept it because of that

its the style since the old episodes :+1: so no.

Starter ship (H&C 101 itself) got a key gain buff already and it doesn’t need anymore buff.

It’s already buffed with 18%+ keys droprate
Starter ship or not, all ships must be balanced that one ship shouldn’t be better than others in unqualified way, as iA said

H&C 101 is a good choice for keyrushes
In older versions of CIU H&C Spacecrafts could reach max power (20 :zap: ) but i think iA nerfed it because balancing problem (max power makes muller ships kind of useless)
H&C Current abilities are fine

Yeah i just wanted to see it having a front facing satalite to make it the best lol

a better suggestion, there should be option to freely place the satellites around you ( even behind you, it will look bit weird that the satellites behind you shoot through you ) and of course, there is specific range, you won’t put the satellite 960km away from you

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What’s the point? (no pun intended) It’s still a satellite, plus, you’re supposed to use something else than it. It’s rarely used in Key Rushes and quests.


i said that because he wanted to change satellite position in H&C 101 from left to front

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That’s a cool idea!

HC spacecrafts are ok well its like the vfs but there are some diffeence too

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