Umm is this a bug

when i join any multiplayer game i always lose my only live (i play as 1 live) without anything hitting me no chicken no boss no barrier no bomb no anything

That’s quite a mythical description, but I assume two cases:

  1. You’ve joined a mission with more than 5 other players which makes it very hard to even notice the death.
  2. You are mistaking the spawn shield for a death. Spawn shield appears whenever you join no matter how many extra lives you have.

If you died in a multiplayer game when you only has 1 life then there will be a message saying “You have lost all your lives, Press fire to continue (your keys and score won’t increase)”

In this case either someone died in your spawn area or you’re mistaking your spawn shield

Your solution is try to move around to confirm that if you’re still alive or not while your spawn shield is still in effect (about 2-3s)

your ping probably was so high that you died to something you looked like you actually dodged, but the game hasn’t registered your movement yet

either that or what the above two people said


i dont notice the spawn shield because whenever i join any game and there is only 2 players the screen becomes black so i think your right @OneWingLunarian my ping is high

and i know did i die or no cause of the amount of lives ;-;