UI redesign suggestion + weapon synergy concept


I don’t find the current one ugly, but the Ui shown here looks more “dynamic” and fits the old games better.


Changes are being made, but everything won’t just be magically fixed overnight. Today’s upcoming update has a redesigned weapon and SSH health has been reduced to +12%


(i know that this doesnt fit here) @InterAction_studios I don’t think that +12% health will do the trick. Because that there are so many eggships etc., youd need to decrease the enemy health. Also some chickens seem to be way too tough. On a hard SSH mission, an ordinary chicken has about 2500 health. That’s way too much to get a clean sweep. SSH would mean action, explosions and bullet hell for me, not damage sponge + spamming the fire button

Many tough enemies increase the total hp a wave has by a lot. Therefore a health boost makes it even worse. Everything should have 0.4x-0.5x health on SSH. You can increase other factors like enemy fire rate in return.


Huh. When I’m looking for a real challenge (which SSH ſhould preſent), I don’t expect to ſurvive everything, let alone get a clean ſweep on every wave.

There is a ſetting between SSH and rookie, though. It might have more of what you’re looking for.


It should be possible to achieve clean swap on every wave on every difficulty. If not it would be great to change it requirements so when you clean maybe 80% of chickens in really hard wave you get this bonus.


Traveller,that doesn’t mean that ssh should be unbalanced. Just because there are other skill levels,we can’t simply ignore ssh.
You still don’t get it. You’re paying for a trade-off. You’re not paying for an upgrade,despite that being what you should expect when you spend keys on something. Here is my solution to all of this:
Skill levels should increase the damage output(or decrease enemy health),so that they’re worth buying. Meanwhile,there could be other modifiers that would be available from the beginning(if players want a challenge,they should be able to get it whenever they want,so these modifiers should be free). These modifiers could either increase projectile speed, or increase enemy fire rate,or decrease firepower drop rate etc.,and you could combine these if you want more than just one.


You’re not paying much, and as IA ſaid, the original intent was that SSH would be more of a challenge. This means that from a purely economical (in keys, obviöuſly) point of view, you’re paying for a diſſervice, i.e. to make things harder, which doeſn’t make financial ſenſe, but on the other hand, you’re paying for more of a challenge, which ſome people like.

Looking at it from a different point of view, the coſt iſn’t actuälly that much. Really all the price does is make ſure you’re not a complete newcomer before tryïng SSH.


You still are paying for something that makes you perform worse.


Yup. But the entire point of SSH is, as you put it, “to make you perform worſe”, or, as I put it, to liven things up a bit.


Which could very well be substituted by just locking harder skill levels behind tiers.


That’s definitely true, now that we have the tiers.
In previous games it had to be unlocked with keys, which I think is why that’s alſo the caſe ſo far in CIU.


Yeah, we can definitely assume that was the case in CIU.
The best execution of skills was in CI3. You had 2 difficulties to choose from the start and if you beat the game on Veteran you unlocked SSH. Simple and great.


Making things take more shots to die does not liven things up…it is in fact the exact opposite…
And it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a trade-off,and not an upgrade,even though a new player would expect to get better performance after buying it,instead of just making things more bullet-spongey…


How 'bout this for a new diſcription:

“The cartographers back at the Heroes’ Academy thought your life needed to be a bit more exciting, ſo they marked all the miſſions as eaſiër than they are. Even with plenty of ſpare lives, you likely won’t ſurvive the day. Bwa-ha-ha!


That solves that. But not the fact that it is still a trade-off.


It’s always been a trade-off, but I think it would be miſleading to older players to change that.


If they can change the description to not mislead new players,then it should be possible to create one that wouldn’t mislead old players.


Changing the name might be a good ſtart.


Wait a minute! If we change the name of the new SSH that makes the player more powerful, we could alſo add ſomething that you actuälly pay for that makes miſſions more difficult. Let’s call it Super Star Hero. It wouldn’t be the firſt uſeleſs upgrade, either; remember Clupea Herangus?


Clupea Herangus didn’t make your performance worse,at least. And no,it shouldn’t be something you have to pay for…you’re still paying for a downgrade. I think that having free mission modifiers that could either change enemy firing rate,projectile speed,anything like that,would be better. And of course,you could use more than just one of these modifiers.