UHF Manual Project

Greetings Recruit! Welcome to community-made Chicken hunting manual where we will give you information about (almost) everything to increase your chicken hunting skills. Open the page you want to read.

Basic Info

This manual is for all recruits, a copy of this manual is all installed in all spacecrafts. Just remember that every recruit only have 1 manual so don’t destroy it. We will not providing you a second manual.

Take a look in your spacecraft, we made it really comfy for you to increase your hunting experience, we don’t really like our to get a back pain when saving the world.

The UHF or United Hero Force is a place where you, humans and other intergalactic species unite to defeat the evil Henpire. However, the UHF is still under construction but most of recruits have already finished their part of saving the world.

You’ve joined the UHF and became a chicken hunter but not a true chicken hunter so you’ll need to buy yourself a Chicken Hunter License which it’ll be explained at the later page.

Cockpit & Customization

To be added…

Galaxy, Constellations & Wormholes

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To be added…


There are a lot of chicken breeds out there.
It you want to be a successful hero you must know how to handle every single enemy.

As far as lastest assault these are all the known chicken breeds UHF is aware of:

  1. Chick: Who is so cruel to send children in battle? They are frail and attack by occasionally pooping… Yuck.

  2. Pirate chick: Same as ordinary chick but these tries to avoid your bullets too.

  3. Bandana chick: Same as ordinary chick but these will move near your location if you stay too close. Didn’t their parents taught them how to social distance?

  4. Berserker: A chick with rage management problems. It will leave the wave pattern when hit.

  5. Assassin: If you hit one of these RUN! Assassin chickens are trained since hatch to follow your ship after being hit. Look at their bandana: You may confuse them as ninjas at first.

  6. Ordinary: Ordinary chicken with no special attributes. Shoot at him until it dies. It lays eggs as an attack

  7. Military: A veteran in the chicken army! It lays two eggs at once.

  8. Proximity: They looks like ordinary chickens but they actually shoot eggs that explode in close proximity. Warning: after explosion their yolk is still a threat

  9. Armored: A chicken in an armor. It shoots lasers at your location while also gets an heavy knockback when hit.

  10. Coward:

  11. Balloon:

  12. Ufo:

  13. Interceptor:

  14. Chickenaut: An elite chicken breed. Strong and healthy but not that smart. All its attacks are scattered all over the screen without a pattern.

  15. Armored eggship: It behaves similarly to chickenaut but can sustain more bullets and its attacks are shot with more delay

  16. Slob: Fat and slow chickens that may attack when provoked. They are a great source of food, dropped every time a bullet hits them.

Shop & Currency

To be added…

Emergency missions & competitions

To be added…


To become a true lean mean killing machine, you need a lean mean killing machine. Let’s just call them weapons. There are various weapons available to you which you can either buy from a store, or collect from missions in the form of Gift boxes. Each weapon has its own quirks and excels in different situations, so trying out each weapon is a good idea. You can also upgrade your current weapon to start the mission with more Firepower, giving you a major headstart when starting up. Have in mind that despite caping at 20, you really want to get more levels because you lose some when you get swatted off, and for scoring purposes you want to get as much firepower levels as possible too, so hoarding here is good. One important think to remember is that with two exceptions, all weapons are able to Overfire, which is a gimmick added on recent times that allows all the recruits to double the firerate of the weapons that aren’t the exceptions at cost of getting double the heat gains. Can be useful to dish out extra damage but moderate usage is really encouraged because Overheating leads the recruit exposed to enemy fire without being able to fight back.

The weapons are listed below:

  1. Moron Railgun: The weakest of all and the default weapon, this gun is most of the time swapped for something better. However, skilled recruits use it to gain more score from Challenges. It is highly recommended to use something else outside of Challenges.

  2. Boron Railgun: A machine gun whose bullets are extra hot. It deals higher damage according to how full the overheat bar is, achieving its full potential when the weapon is close to overheating, but be careful not to actually Overheat! Firing in bursts is recommended.

  3. Vulcan Chaingun: Similar to Boron, but with a different quirk. The more it heats up, the less accurate it becomes. Firing in bursts is also a key part in achieving its full potential. It can shred apart enemies with ease as long as you keep it coooooool. But hold the trigger if you get in a hurry or the enemy can get point-blanked, the random spread can save multi-kill chains and even recruits if they get in a hurry and chickens get too close for the recruit. Always mind the heat gauge because a cooldown can force you to do evasive maneuvers.

  4. Riddler: You think a sprinkler of lead can’t be useful in space? This gun can do a lot of harm in the suitable scenarios like dealing with bosses and is good to hold the trigger for long times since this weapon has the lowest heat buildup of all the weapons and it’s conic constant spread can be useful to open a path to safety or clean the screen. Beware of the low input of damage because this weapon will not give you a reliable solution to deal with average enemies on harder missions but with scenarios like supernova missions since you’ll need constant fire for the debris that come around. It also has a very high spread at lower levels, so upgrading it beforehand is recommended.

  5. Hypergun: To end the series of gatling-like weapons we have the Hypergun, this baby was released to the galaxy on the 5th Henpire invasion that happened on 2114. Which is an evolution of the Boron Railgun which has a controlled, fixed spread that makes a wave of bullets which increase on both speed and amount as they get more firepower levels. This weapon has been proven to be a really flexible weapon for all scenarios thanks to it’s rate of fire, shot strength and heat gains, but it’s most known weakness is also the fact that it only shoots in a straight line so coverage can be problematic.

  6. Ion Blaster: The very first weapon the Authentic Hero used to stop the Henpire and once referred as the standard peashooter has gained some strength thanks to the mandated Heroware adjustments. Fixed conic spread and projectiles in the center of the cone have an extra kicker, but it’s characteristic gimmick of accelerating over travel distance has been kept since 2099 and will be one of it’s gimmicks, so predict and think twice before shooting this weapon.

  7. Laser cannon: Back on 2102, the Henpire decided to invade again in retaliation of what the Earth was doing to their Earthly comrades, but this time the Authentic Hero got more weapons than the Ion Blaster, one of them being the Laser Cannon. The weapon begins really weak but building power makes this weapon a solid contender when dealing with enemies in front of you as it increases the strength of the lasers, amount of lasers and rate of fire, so it’s something to have in mind.

  8. Neutron Blaster: The other weapon that was given to the Authentic Hero to stop the Henpire Onslaught to the Solar System of the Earth back on 2102. It’s really strong but has two problems: Slow projectile speed, and it heats up really fast. Stories tell that this weapon was insane in previous wars against the Henpire due to a modification that the Authentic Hero had which was a strong capacity of semiautomatic fire that made this weapon and another pair of weapons insanely strong, but the UHF gives their members a less… clicky but still strong function that is the Overdrive. (Refer to the Basics section for more info on Overdrive.)

  9. Utensil Poker: BEHOLD, the not-so-secret, not-so-prototype weapon to deal with the Henpire based on human cutlery. Featuring a fixed spread that has a 3-shot sequence, boasts really good damage and it’s only downside is that has the slowest projectile speed of all the weapons that has projectile speed. Is it worth it? Yes. The Authentic Hero used this weapon in a strong capacity with his capacities of semiautomatic fire? Indeed he did, but again we have the Overdrive and it’s as reliable as the capacities of semiautomatic fire of the Authentic Hero. The Henpire still fears this weapon because of its damage and rumor has it that will come with the Chicken Hunter License.

  10. Lightning Fryer: Introducing the series of beam weapons, we have the pioneer of them all: the Lightning Fryer. Harness the power of electricity with this beauty that emits 1,21 gigawatts of electric power and started to make appearance on the galaxy the year 2106 on the 3rd Henpire Invasion. It has really solid damage, auto-locks enemies and is a beam weapon that will snatch the target chicken you’re aiming at until it is fried. If you though the Hypergun was solid, this is a more solid (but shocking) pick. It even chains between chickens so you can make some arcs between chickens and ensure that they don’t get away. Also, general tip. Re-firing again will refresh the target but beware of doing so because reigniting the shots makes this weapon generate more heat.

  11. Plasma Rifle: Despite it’s name, it still is a beam weapon, and oh my what a weapon, this weapon is popular across the UHF because it boasts a lot of damage, as you shoot gains a gradually increasing area of effect and did I mention it does a lot of damage? Has one of the best looks and it locks hard into enemies. It’s BIG downside is that gains a LOT of heat so think twice before hitting Overdrive or you’ll have bad times. Purchasing higher quality heat sinks is recommended.

  12. Positron Stream: You love the Lightning Fryer but you want more focused firepower or you want better chaining capacities? You hate how quick the Plasma Rifle overheats? This is your weapon, then. It was released for general use at the 4th Henpire invasion on 2110, this weapon always split to other close enemies leading to interesting crowd control capabilities but still being strong in damage but pales in comparison to the other beam weapons. Don’t worry about seeing this weapon bending on itself, it is perfectly safe for work and is on its behavior. A really big advantage for the positron stream is the capacity to split the main beam and hit multiple chickens at the same time, is up to you if you want to sacrifice damage for crowd control.

  13. Photon Swarm: This is an interesting weapon with slight capacities of homing that has fixed amount of projectiles but compensates it with decent heat gains and a really good firerate. It is highly encouraged to fire this weapon manually until you get 4+ firepower because the manual firerate surpasses the automatic. You’ll see that randomly some of the projectiles are glowing in orange, those are supercharged protons, you get them guaranteed once the weapon hits 20 and do 50% more damage than a blue proton, they also move faster than regular protons. If you want a quick rundown on how this weapon behave with extra firepower is simple, you get more rate of fire and as how Earthlings :tm: said it in the 21st century: “Make it spam”

  14. Corn Shotgun: Okay, so whoever designed this had a desire of popcorn and loves philosophical revenge. You’re using corn, which has been the food for the Henpire and any chicken in the universe, as a weapon. Why YOU would want to use this weapon of corny destruction that doesn’t boast capacities to Overdrive, has the slowest rate of fire of all the automatic weapons because of being a pump shotgun making it suitable for semiautomatic fire and has the inaccuracy of shotguns? Simple, it DOESN’T need to have Overdrive because punches REALLY HARD to the range that is only comparable to how hard the Utensil Poker goes against everything and DOESN’T OVERHEAT (This feature was added on recent years, the original version overheated), it even gets better when it overheats because Popcorn goes along chicken on the UHF, as proven by the Authentic Hero back on the 5th Henpire invasion of 2114.

  15. Absolver Beam: You have patience? You really want to see big numbers, erase eggs from existence, stop the Henperor Apprentice’s from doing it’s nasty circle of evil energy and stop other bosses from doing nasty attacks among other things? This, is your weapon. Arguably the worst weapon for general waves but one of the best for bosses (Sorry, can’t have both things generally in life), the Absolver Beam delivers what the name does. The first charge weapon developed by Heroware that has been in usage since 2120 on this now eternal war against the Henpire. It can be used as a semiautomatic weapon but you lose the real potential of this weapon, let it charge, and when you get a visual of beams going at the sides of the tip of your ship, you know it’s ready to fire the ABSOLVING BEAM OF DOOM, which does a lot of damage, and for a solid reason. No matter your equipment, you can only make 5 of the totally charged beams because it gets a lot of heat, it’s the weapon that overheats the most. One could make omelets easily with this, so make them count because if you do one wrong, you’ll regret it.

These are weapons too, however they work different. I’m talking about the Satellites. You can begin with them equipped and slots depend on the ship you use, but there can be earned on some waves by cracking open a safebox.

  1. Microgun: Another gatling gun, this one is backup fire and works really good against single enemies, remember to predict and aim well because this satellite has to rev up before firing and it’s remaining ammo can be seen on the belt of bullets.

  2. Barbequer: Ready to roast the members of the Henpire to perfect crisp? This is your satellite, behaves like a flamethrower so the closer you get to the enemy the more damage it will get, also it erases projectiles if you use it against them but don’t get too cocky or you’ll face consecuences.

  3. Bird flu: By itself this weapon should be feared by the Henpire because well… their ranks are in the majority birds. An explosive satellite that makes sure that whoever get the explosion deals with the consequences. Beware of projectile speed, goop flies slowly. But this satellite is suitable for great crowds of enemies and segmented bosses.

  4. ICBM: Last but not least we have these bad boys that were bought from the Earthians. :tm: You could imagine that 160 years ago these things were almost used by two nations that were on the Earthian Cold War? Thankfully the universe decommissioned these and put them in bundles of 5 units per package of satellite. These are quite unique, althought are the slowest projectiles of all the weaponry, they’re really useful packing big damage and erasing the projectiles and even cutting attacks from bosses, but we insist in this manual to aim carefully these missiles, they travel really slow and it isn’t funny to see one missile go away from any target without giving a bang.

End-of Mission Results

At the end of a mission, you’ll get a rundown on how you did. (Namely your score and keys collected.)
As opposed to the episodes, you’ll find out that medals are indeed worth something.
However, the first thing that would catch your eyes are the factors on the left and right side, like Base Multiplier, Difficulty Bonus, and Location Fluctuation. This is what they all do:

Keys Collected: This one should be obvious.

Base Multiplier: The fixed key multiplier for that mission type. Some mission types have different multipliers… From no multiplier at all, to a whopping 400%. (x5 keys)

Difficulty Bonus: This one depends on how difficult the mission was, overall.

Location Fluctuation: This one might confuse you at first, but it’s why the Key And Score Insights exist. Some star systems have a decrease or increase (Down and Up arrows) in score/key value, and that is what determines your Location Fluctuation factor.

Equipment Perks: You can get 18% more total keys, depending on which ship type you use. This one exists to help new players get keys a little faster.
Hint: It’s only for the Scout types.

Base Score: This one should be obvious.

Medals Score: The total of points you’ve earned from medals.

Result Assessment: If you surrender or fail the mission, you get a penalty. Surrendering is a 20% Penalty, while failing the mission is a 10% penalty. Sorry buddy, but chickening out is not as commendable as getting a purple heart.

Mission Factor: This one is worth 50%, and only applies to one mission type. Can you find out which?

Difficulty Bonus: Works the same for the keys just as it does here.

Unoriginality Penalty: If you fly the same mission again, you get a penalty up to 50%. This decreases over the course of 12 hours.

Lucrative Boost: Some places have an environmental hazard (which you need shields for, to orbit such places) that will make your missions slightly more difficult. These hazards contribute to your Lucrative Boost factor. The modifiers are as follows:
Frozen Environments: 15%
Hot Environments: 20%
Electric Environments: 25%
Massive Environments: 30%
???: 100% (You can figure out which modifier this is~)
Hot Asteroid Belts: 120%

Location Fluctuation: Hmmmm… I wonder how this works… (check the previous Location Fluctuation)

Skill Premium: This one depends on which Skill Level you use. Rookie is selected by default, which has no Skill Premium factor. Tourist is a -25% skill premium. Seasoned is a 50%. Veteran is 100%. Virtuoso is 150%, and Superstar Hero is 200%.

Weapon Virtuosity: Contrary to popular belief, weapon virtuosity does not depend on how many times you change your weapons. This one depends on how popular a weapon is for that day. The less popular it is, the higher the boost.

Squadron Loyalty: This one is worth 10%. If your squadron leader assigns you a mission, you get a small bonus for clearing it. 10% will not seem like much, but it’s applied as the last factor, so the effect is much bigger than you’d think.

Did you know, you can click the end of mission factors and medals themselves to find out what they do, and how they’re obtained? Try it!


Each item has their own use, but this here thing is not telling you what they all do. It’s telling you WHEN they do.

Always-on Items: Set it, and forget it.
These items are always active, and you will not need to mount them. Most of them are for exploring, but some do something else.

Auto-use items: Are you too lazy to activate them? Don’t worry. Your ship comes with an Auto-use feature!

  1. Extra Life: This is an obvious thing, this is not time-traveling science. If you get hit by anything hostile, you lose a life so pack pack at least 3 of these on any given scenario and pack more depending on where you’re going. Once they run off, you’re alone with just one and that’s no good. And althought the Legendary Hero has been known to gain lives by score, the members of the UHF don’t have this privilege right now and probably won’t have it.

  2. Poultry Payback: You really love to not go off without giving a last laugh, huh? This is your perishable then. It unleashes a shockwave seconds after getting hit by any means and the area of effect is where you lost the life. Remember this, if you don’t come back after getting bashed but you end the wave, the Henpire still wins this battle.

  3. Coolant Canister: Really useful to chill and get back to the fire to give more hell to the Henpire. These are stackable and just like Extra Lifes and Poultry Payback, won’t be lost if not used. They go in trios per slot, so you can get a lot of Coolant Canisters.

  4. Speedy recovery: This item is a game-changer when playing for time and don’t relying a lot in your skills. It does what it says in the tin, you’ll come back really fast after getting knocked out.

These items are activated automatically when appropriate.

Stackable Items: Ugghhh… These are getting pretty heavy…
You can bring more than one of it. For some items, they have stackable effects too.

Upgradeable Items: I can make this pistol a nuke launcher, but it’ll cost you a lot.
Upgradeable Items can be upgraded to make them more effective. For weapons however, they just let you start with a higher firepower level.

Customizable Items: Red! No… Blue!
These items can be customized in the Customize Screen. Make it look cool.

Perishable Items: Good things come to an end.
These items give your ship a certain extra effect. Usually beneficial, but they are destroyed when you end a mission, even if you fail or surrender.

  1. Thrust Vector Control: Space Drifting at your reach. Beware of stacking too much of these or will semble that you have your engines loose. Effects are multiplicative related to the amount of articles you use, and they cap at 4, and every single Thrust Vector Control makes you wiggle 5º more angles up to… you guess it, 20º degrees of drifting.

  2. Bullet Spray Expander: You need or want to reach more targets with your weapons? This is your perishable. Up to 10 can be equiped at the same time and can weapons like the Neutron Gun reach more spread angles and give more reach for the beam weapons.

  3. Bullet Spray Condenser: Hate to see bullets miss the target? This is your perishable. This is the reversal of the Bullet Spray Expander, and you can equip up to 5 of these reducing with every copy equiped a 10% of the spread. WE HIGHLY DISCOURAGE USING THIS IN CASE YOU’RE GOING TO USE BEAM WEAPONS SINCE THIS MAKES THEIR SIZE THINNER. WE HAD WARNED YOU.

  4. Maneuvering Jets: Your ship moves way slower than your maneuvering capacities? Use one of these to not only look more fancy by leaving an afterimage of your ship but also give you positioning advantage. And the more you use, the better the effect. These are really popular in big league challenges like Ironman and Weekly Mission or when using the BX series ships. Some people would even argue that are essential perishables.

  5. Eggular Repulsor: Need more dodging capabilities despite having absolute control over your ship and using the Maneuvering Jets? Use these to decrease your hitbox that is centered behind the cockpit by 16% when using one of these, and up to a reduction of 50% of your hitbox when using 3 of these.

  6. Mass Condenser: You’re ready to be a wrecking ball in case you get too close to a Henpire member? These stack up to 3 times and every single mass condenser adds 50000 damage to the standard collision damage of 5000 up to a total of 155000 damage, this can be used to give a mass retaliation loadout combined with Poultry Payback, however it won’t affect the damage that Poultry Payback, and the upcoming perishable that will be exposed.

  7. Invulnerability Extension: The name also gives you a huge hint of what it does. It increases the time of invulnerability from the standard 3 seconds to some more respectable 5,5 seconds and up to 3 can be used to extend the invulnerability timer to get 11,5 seconds of invulnerability after getting back to the battlefield. These can be used strategically to push for aggressive retaliation but remember the timer or you’ll chain kills.

  8. Appetite Attractor: You don’t want to lose the delicious poultry and coins that appear all over the mission? This is your best ally for cash-out on both scoring and hoarding food. You can get 3 of these at the same time on a mission.

Manual Items: Too many eggs? Surrounded by chickens? When in doubt, nuke 'em!
Special Weapons need you to press the Middle Mouse Button OR your Special Weapon Key (Set it to a key you want in Options) to activate them.

  1. Missile: Good ol’ missiles. Our missiles go to the center of the battlefield and then deal damage to every single thing that is in screen erasing everything that is present, even indestructible things and enemy projectiles. You’ll won’t get multi-kill bonuses though. Every single recruit gets 3 of these on its set for newcomers and these have are special damage so they get the same damage every single time. Strategic use of the missiles involve getting in the center of the screen to make them explode as fast as possible but beware of Henpire agents around the center, do not be too ahead of yourself and plan everything carefully

  2. Mine: Same as the missiles on everything, but these don’t have to go to the center of the battlefield. Activate them and look at them go.

  3. Damage Amplifier: Now this is going overdrive, during 10 seconds you’ll get multiplicative damage and can be used to go even further beyond on damage if multiple copies, you can go haywire with this if you shift to Overfire and activate some of these, a red halo around your ship will be your visual clue to know that it’s active and when the red halo disappears, the effects will be gone. The effects stack on multiples of 3 and thankfully won’t make the mission harder if you use them.

  4. Dimensional Phaseout: You really can’t handle what’s coming? Is okay to go under the radar, a safe recruit that can still kick back is a good recruit, by just popping one of these will make you erase your hitbox from existence for 6 second and can multiple copies can be used to save your skin.

  5. Shockwave Capacitator: Imagine harnessing the strength of the ICBM at command, but with some limitations. That’s the Shockwave Capacitator. It will cover half the battlefield when it isn’t zoomed out, the advantages is that will affect everything in an area where it was used.

  6. Clucker Bombs: Lay down mines across the map to help you deal with the Henpire with this Superweapon. If you really want some defense, this is your proper ally but beware that they’ll eventually explode because the pulse and the size of the bombs will get short in one hand, and bigger in the other.

Dedicated Regional Stores

When you’re travelling around the galaxy, you’ll find a couple of other stores or campuses. These places sell specific items at a lower price than what you’ll find in the Galactic Store (Shopping Cart button), however, these stores have a chance to sell an item with a level of rarity (Check the Rarity Section), which has a better performance than the stock (normal) version of the item.

Using a Price Insight can help you find places that sell for even lower prices!

Some items found in stores will have a rarity tier. Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary.
Such items have better performance than their mundane counterparts, and are usually worth the money and time. Ships will have a smaller hitbox, Heavy Bombers will have a higher speed limit AND smaller hitbox, Heat Sinks will have a larger capacity, Thrusters will have a better Fuel Mileage, and Reactors will have a higher energy output.


Now we’re talking about this. United Hero Force is a home for heroes of humanity and it’s opened for all people to join. However, some of the tasks are way to hard for recruits and joining UHF is completely free so we need money so we could keep UHF operational and no interruptions on saving mankind.

Chicken Hunter License is an item for true Hunters. The license will proof you that you’re a true Chicken Hunter. This license will give us the ability to recognize you like what is your name and other informations so we could not forget you or you lost all of your progress and your house in the Headquarters.

Chicken Hunter License also give you a pass to participate in hard competitions that the UHF host, buying Licensed equipments without contraband. It also give you the ability to block the annoying advertisement that shows every 10 minutes on your computer.

Chicken Hunter License could not be purchased with keys but with earth money. We do not know the exact price of it because we’re still under construction but it is estimated that is from 5 to 10 dollars or so.

This manual is opened for all recruits to contribute to help each other out. So if we put our help in, it is appreciated and one day we would complete this manual.

Note: This manual require details for the recruit to have experience reading this manual. If you’re editing or writing a page for this manual, it must be true because misleadings are bad and it’ll impact our world saving career.


Well, if someone needs to make some changes on the side of weapons, is welcome to do so. I gave my flavor to it but if somethings need to change, do the changes

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There are a few grammatical errors, so I’ll try to polish that section if you don’t mind. If there’s anything I should revert please let me know.

EDIT: Done. There’s still plenty of changes to be made but I’ll try to do them later.


It’s upside down


Thanks, English is not my main language but I’m skilled with it.


Where do we put the descriptions of Satellites and Special Weapons, on the Shop & Currency chapter or in the Weapons chapter, or we directly make give them a special chapter?
Imminent addition to weapons:

* Special Weapons 
* Satellites 

Done and put on the respective categories :white_check_mark:

Weapons section, same goes to specs

Or you can create a new section


Added “Special Weapons”
Added “Satellites”
Added “Perishable items”
Added “Auto-use items”
Added “Manual items”

Added “End of Mission Results”.
Also added a line to separate the last page from the ending message.

Added “Items”.

Added “Dedicated Regional Stores”.


sorry is it pdf or inside the game?

That’s a topic, not pdf or inside the game.

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Enough time to rest, I’ll be doing Missions types tomorrow :upside_down_face:
Welp, we have a problem, limit of characters met while typing about missions xD

We need to do some big pastebin or unify everything in a doc and then make it a pdf for general sharing.
I’ll dump here my part of the mission side:


Our duties, and the entire menu of where to hit the Henpire.
Get ready because this is a simple list BUT you have to bear in mind everything around them because these are our menus on the buffet of dealing with the Henpire and that you can’t access every mission by default (A lot of them have tier restrictions so unless you’re over the tier restriction you can’t fly this mission).

  • Chicken Invasion: Your standard mission type. No restrictions and just the walk on the battlefield.

  • Feather Fields: These are more interesting, and if you played CI4 you’ll know how these work (Chapter 4). For those that didn’t know how they work, there are feathers all around, they’ll make you popcorn so you have to drive around and fire to those residues with one weapon drop every wave, on these waves there will be bombs around to help you clean the feathers, use these to give you more safety. Occasionally there will be chickens around and you’ll need to deal with them. Feather Brain awaits under all that pile of feathers.

  • Supernova: Yep, we’re riding the explosions. Debris will come from one of the horizontal sides, destroy them. Mind to use a weapon with high projectile output or able to sustain fire for a long time or you’ll suffer consequences. These missions always comes with two conditions: Hot and Massive. We’ll talk about the conditions later when all mission types are mentioned. Bossa Nova will appear after ending the waves as the boss of the mission

  • Comet Chase: What it says in the can is what you’re getting, with a catch. You have to dodge fragments of comets that come from the bottom of the screen, have fun and remember that Henlley Comet will appear after ending the rest of the waves

  • Meteor Storm: Ready to destroy asteroids? You’re here to erase whatever it comes from all the screen. High coverage, high firerate weapons are your best ally here, have that in mind. Magnetic Manipulator, a new breed of the Henpire, will always come at the end of these missions.

  • Darkness: Who was the enlightened one who forgot to pay the electric bill for these waves? Limited range of sight is given to any pilot going to these missions, aside from this little fact, they’re exactly like a regular Chicken Invasion mission. Shots in the dark can really save you in this scenario, and move carefully

  • Squawk block: Ready to only be able to move in horizontal axis? Welcome to the Squawk blocks. If you’re familiar with how everything began with the Authentic Hero 121 years ago, you know the drill, this time we have more weapons to deal with everything but beware of movement restrictions You’ll always face a Master Squawk or a Crazy Squawk at the end.

  • Retro: Welp. This is something, unironically, new. Ready to face some pixelated enemies that behave like a really old game on every single aspect? They will be pixels but they’re still enemies so mow 'em down with your weapons You’ll always deal with a (pixelated) Alien Mothership at the end of these missions, beware with the fragments of the mothership because they’re all squared and part of their attack is being able to still harm your ship despite being crippled from your weapon fire unless certain weapons are used.

  • Key Rush: These missions are REALLY IMPORTANT TO NOT MISS. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE AND FOR A SOLID REASON. Not only the key drop rate are pumped to the max and you get one key after every wave, but you get maximum key multiplier. Pack up in lifes for this mission because if you fail this one you’ll lose A LOT.

  • Droid Raid: Whenever there’s a local Space Burger in the star system you are, you’ll see droids around. Why not assault them to get a lot of food and then resell them the food you stole from Space Burger? After all, nobody will bat an eye on the sudden loss of droids and your arrival with a good hoard of food to sell to your local Space Burger, just saying… Also you’ll face Iron Chef everytime you go against this type of mission.

Now time for the conditions of the missions, you’ll need to get the things to play these missions.

  1. Hot: Shame this scenario wouldn’t make omelettes. Your heat gains will be doubled on missions with this modifier, get the Heat Shield up for this kind of mission or will be so hot that you’ll won’t be able to do missions with these conditions

  2. Cold: It gets cold in space, but it gets colder on these kind of missions. You’ll need to remove the frost by passing your ship where it is. Be careful or adapt to the vision with frost.

  3. Massive: You think you can fly close to the stars without consequences? Nope, not in this existence. You’ll move slower on missions with this condition. And you’ll need the Gravity Nullifier to move on zones with this modifier, and to do missions with this modifiers.

  4. Horizon Distorsion: What’s reality on these missions? Get your Event Horizon Stabilizer to know it. Time to magnify these pixels.

  5. Movement restrictions: These are unavoidable, live with them. Generally you won’t be able to move vertically on missions with Movement Restrictions and these things aren’t mentioned but you’ll find about them because well, you don’t get notifications of these restrictions. (Squawk Blocks and 120th Anniversary are the only type of missions with this restrictions so we don’t have to deal with this on general scenarios)

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