UHF League: Part II

"Greetings recruit, welcome to the second presentation of recruit #8775. Today we’ll discuss about UHF League once again.

This presentation does not exist if the UHF League haven’t existed already so I want to thank you all. Also, I don’t really know how to balance the UHF League so yeets the clipboard you guys do it.

Anyway, this is the second of my suggestion which it’ll mostly going around ranks and rewards. Now I’m gonna activate my reality stabilizer so we could talk normally instead of talking in this perspective, here we g-"



Chapter I: League Ranking

League Ranking is a new way to distinguish players. It’s like promotion and demotion.

I’m going take a bit of the arena mode in Angry Birds Epic and suggest it here. Basically, there will be “Rooms” for players. Each room will pick 10 players. Top 3 will promote to the next league (gold → platinum) and the 2 players with the least dare points in the “room” will be demoted to the previous league (gold → silver) and the dare points reset. With this, players can only dare who is in that rank or one level higher or lower and etc. Each promote/demote will have a gap of a week.

Let’s use my old suggestion again. There will be seasons. Once a season finishes, the rewards are rewarded and all players will reset to the first league and the starting dare points.

Chapter II: Rewards

Rewards here is probably the most complex mechanic to implement. I mean yeah, literally. Remember the first topic?

iA said that there will be no medal so I’ll do this. The higher the rank the more the value the rewards. Players who participated will also receive a badge to mark what they have achieved.

Some equipment items that you got reward are Hero-tier or VIP-tier only reward for the best rank. VIP equipments here act like legendary with the icon stating that item is a VIP item (yes I took this concept from a p2w fps game most of Vietnamese know called Crossfire).

Also, best players will receive a badge that I illustrated here:

Chapter III: Dare Tickets

Dare tickets are items at allow you to dare another player a dare that’s not in the random dare cards. Of course with a fee.

You can buy these dare cards at the heroes academy. With it, you can dare another player with special type missions such as Weapons Training, Space Race, Hybrid, Key Rush (yes) and the worst one of all, Ironman. Each special mission have their own ticket so it’s not something like Special dare ticket.

Oh yeah a custom dare card ticket too but only works for friendly dares.

Welp, that’s for it now. How is it, anything to improve it? Suggestions or critism? If so, please put it below, and now I gonna thank you guys for listening…reading? And have a good day. now get out!


It’d be better if you needed to clear an entry mission into the league to start you off with points depending on how much score you gained in that mission, to show up on the board, so that players uninterested in the league can simply, not fly that mission since it’s unlikely that all 5k players want to be in the league.


An interesting idea, but the prize section reminds me of another game lol =))

I don’t understand. Ranking already exists. Do you mean rating (=dare points)? Ranking and rating are two different things.

I generally don’t want any type of reward associated with the League, because it would be hogged by the same players again and again. This is also true for a Championship idea I have (had?) – it would just be won by the same handful of people.

That could theoretically be A Thing. But I don’t think will never be Key Rushes as an option in dares.

I thought about that, but I decided against it. The problem is bootstrapping the league, that is, getting enough people interested in order to make it worthwhile for the people already in it. I was afraid that opportunistic discovery (by accident) would not be sufficient, so now it’s possible to dare people who have never participated in the league. This way, even if you don’t know the League exists, you may get an inbox dare which will prompt you to have a look. You might then decide to dare someone else, perpetuating the cycle.


Sorry, I had nothing when I make the topic.

I mean like this:

you have enough dare points -> promote to the next league (bronze -> silver)
Lose too many dare points -> demote to the previous league (diamond -> gold)

Hold on I’m gonna overhaul the topic a bit



Sorry for too many replies

So, will the ticket be a thing?

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I think adding the key rushes would take away their value when looking for them

For me this part would be too much, maybe if there are a large number of players it can be rechargeable but now I think it will be unnecessary (angry birds 2 / epic reference?)

Yeah I said I had nothing when I make the topic

Please outside the box. I got sued because I “unintentionally rip off tetr.io


for real?

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what? how?

Don’t do too much. It will get [DATA EXPUNGED] and they gonna kill me again

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Engineer approves this post

Isn’t Angry Birds 2’s league regionalized

I’ll just play Devil’s Advocate here

The problem with ripping it straight off of AB2 is that there are only like 70~ people in a league, and competition is conducted between those 70, unlike what iA is trying to achieve, i.e. all players in the galaxy against each other.

Perhaps a dare points barrier would be better: like 1000 dare points to get into Egg Shell League, 2000 points to get into Copper League, 5000 to get into Bronze, 10000 to get into Silver, 20000 to get into gold, and 50000 to get into uhhh idk if anyone is willing to invest that much time.

Again, since this too would result in a few people winning it, it’s probably better to keep it as it is.

Another way to approach this would be to give rewards on the basis of how many dare points in a week they get, but I think the ranking should probably be kept as it is, for now, until iA thinks of a better solution.

nice idea, bro :heart:

Good idea but …

No No Tickets Nooooo!!!


I remade the Ranking part.

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It would be better for daring a person more than 1 time

I also thinked about it but I like playing fair more. Everyone has the same limit. paying keys to waste their time on worthless dare points (for now) is not worth it.


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