UCHO 5th Encounter CMON

here’s my idea for the 5th encounter [codename:UCHO]

2 red laser, 2 green laser, egg cannon and purple cannon + middle beam like mysterious ship


Actually, iA’s in a break now, so be patient.

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Uhhhhhh, can’t you just be patient? Also, that joke has gone stale now. :confused: Spamming it only makes it worse.

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Also, you chose the wrong category and must be on #ideas



How can I post sounds to the Forum?

Calm down bro, it’s already suggested a lot of times, IA is taking a break and development is slower, so maybe in the future they will make it and add it, ok?

Doony your idea for 5th UCHO Encounter is wrong It has 2 red lasers, 2 green lasers and 2 neutron lasers

It does not have egg cannon

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