U.C.O. bug

I haven’t seen anyone else report this, so I might as well write this down:
While doing one of my earlier uco fights, I noticed that his red laser cannon was pointing right, but the actual laser shot way further from that point, somewhere at the left of the uco itself. Nobody’s reported this, but if anyone notices this, Please tell me and try to provide images, as I saw this in the heat of the moment and couldn’t have taken a screenshot or a video of it. I’m unsure if this is actually deadly, but I know for sure this could throw someone off and cost them a life.

This is a game mechanic

I think the biggest problem here is all U.C.O, tend to hug the left, right and bottom edge of the screen no matter where the player ship is, so either player doesn’t have enough space to maneuver to dodge the weapon kick (death by colliding with enemy’s weapon, not the projectile it shoots), or player doesn’t know where the red laser will shoot to since the weapon is off-screen.

Only at higher difficulties.

Except…That it’s obviously not.ItsAFeatureOfTheGame Here’s a crummy ms paint job I did to replicate what happened to me.

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Will investigate. Was it this particular UCO? Two green lasers, and one red beam?


How on earth does one track down a bug like that?

No, it was purple neutrons + laser. I’m not convinced what caused it, but I realized one thing: The spot where the laser came from coincided with the NEXT laser shot. It couldn’t have been lag or anything because all other purple neutrons would have also lagged and shot pre-emptively.

This happened to us also, but it was a regular uco with 2 green lasers and one red.

nice, some people experienced the same thing as i have, didnt expect that so soon.

Yes the red beam was misplaced but I don’t know how it was reproduced. Weird.

There is a case which might be causing this. When the laser is trying to point at your spacecraft, it has a choice of bending either left or right. It normally chooses the quickest way around.

However, if you’re exactly below it (so bending either left or right are equivalent) and there’s enough variation in what the server and the client think your position is, the server might turn left, but the client (which controls what is drawn on the screen) might turn right.

The server is authoritative when it comes to shooting though, so you’ll still see the laser originating from the left even though the arm has bent to the right.

What I find odd is that this bug crops up only now, when it has been part of the code since 2006. Update: It’s not so odd after all. CIU syncs at your full framerate. CI3 only syncs at 20fps, which can mask some transient client/server discrepancies.

@Traveller: With 30+ years of experience :wink:


From what I’ve understood from that wording, it just means that the laser can be pointing in a certain direction, but the laser won’t, but they’ll still have the same point of origin. Does that also fully explain why the laser’s origin is entirely different from the laser itself?

Confirmed, Developers from old-school (From CI1) work in IA


Now all we need is a behind the scenes video of “making of Chicken Invaders franchise”


fixed in v.22 :medal_military: Bug

TBH I couldn’t replicate the bug experimentally, so this is a theoretical fix. Let me know if the bug persists.


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