Type icons in chicken invaders universe

Hello everyone! it’s me again, i has a question.
I want to ask everyone about typing icons in chicken invaders universe, i was wondering how to type the icons in chicken invaders universe after seeing the name of @OrvilleTheOrca, his name in the game has an icon:
I hope everyone knows how to do it. :grin:

Use keyboard emojis. Win+, in Windows 10, taskbar keyboard thing in windows 8.1, and whatever it is for Android.


For mine, (If you are using Windows 10) you press the windows key then the period key. It should appear a menu containing emojis just click your desired emoji and it should appear when you want to rewrite your callsign

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android is the smiley button

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I use windows 7

Then I’m sorry you can’t do that


I can do that long time.
How to: How to Show Touch Keyboard on Windows 10 - YouTube
If you’re using Windows 7, I’m out of luck.


you can make an auto-hotkey script that writes the emoji you want. Simply write the script with the emoji you want from internet.

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Auto-hotkey script? What is it? :thinking:

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Do you know how to use it?

I think you can try copy and pasting

Make a new text document and write in it this script:

Send, {Y down} {Y up}


X is the key you want to use, and Y is the emoji, for example:

Send, {🎂 down} {🎂 up}


Save the text document and change the .txt extension to .ahk.
Pressing e will spam 🎂 emoji.
To turn off the script go here:
And right click autohotkey and do whatever you want with it.

You can search google to get the emoji you want, then simply copy it and paste it to the script.

This doesn’t work in CIU. (It does work while translating the game though, but I guess this you can copy in-game text from translator, and paste these specific text)


It cannot be used with icons! :confounded: :confounded: :confounded:

Well, sad.
Try getting Windows 8.1. If your PC is old Windows 8.1 should work better than 7.

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or alt codes

Alt codes?

you can’t type emoji with alt code