Twice Infinity

This happened when I kill the first one at the right side. Then the other chicken start spamming bullet.
Here’s the video: - YouTube
Callsign: xDarkKTR

It’s not a bug. Its punishment for killing the other quickly.



Duh, wait till they both stop spinning around if you don’t want to get blasted out of reality.

It’s not punishment. It’s the game taking you seriously, because if you’re able to kill the other guy so fast, you must be a good player, so the game will take it that you are one indeed.

Cmon I just want a bullet hell in CIU

Although the difficulty is about 20%-30%?


Yep. Even on 0%.

If you’re that good, you’d probably want to play higher difficulties instead.

Oh…alright :confused:

I suggested warning tip about that but iA said on newcomer will need and there you go.

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