Twice Infinity Bug

When you kill 1 of the twins early, other one starts firing orange blasters for whole twins animation while “they” are circling around (10 seconds).


this is intended, since “if you can kill them that fast then you’re good enough to handle this”


That’s intended behaviour. It just wants to avenge his brother/sister.


I disagree on this part, at easy missions Infinity Chick has low health so really anyone can destroy it fast. @InterAction_studios should add a one-time warning that appears only the first time the player encounter Twice Infinity to warn the player not to kill Infinity Chick while it is spinning. Like the in-mission satellite tutorial.

Seriously iA if you didn’t add a warning or smth about this situation we’ll see lots of topics like this one.

I don’t recall the Infinity chicken doing the orange laser attack while rotating on easier missions. They only do it once

Are you sure? I met them as the 1st boss in Space Race b4 and it did 360⁰ feiry attack a lot.

Wave 1 of X

Twice Infinity

Kill his brother early and you’ll face consequences…


I discovered this “feature” the hard way :frowning:

Well, this feature is causing too many problems to be left as-is. I’ve now restricted it to 100% difficulty or above only (note: enragement still occurs on all difficulties)

:medal_sports: Changed in v.82


Why ≥100% and not >100%

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So that it has more chance of appearing. Dares can be exactly 100%, plus a lot of non-skill-boosted missions.


I suggested that when you kill one during the intro, it’ll instantly do the spiral (not the bullet hell one) and then join the battle.

Or in nutshell, cut to the end and then fight

It’s not that hard to dodge them. It just didn’t look natural for an easy mission. Thank you for your reply!

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