Tutorial for new mechanics/enemy types

A complaint one fellow CI gamer has is that there is an overwhelming amount of new content for a first time player of CIU after CI5, so maybe introducing or at least explaining new enemies would help?

I also left ci5 and I didn’t complain about the new enemies, rather that’s better because that’s how to learn how the new enemies work as is and how it happened to us when we played for the first time ci3, ci4 and ci5

Ideal situation would be for someone to first complete CI2, CI3, CI4 and CI5 before going into CIU (well, CI2 isn’t actually needed, but cmon, it’s cult classic). Unfortunately episodes are paid and if you’re a mobile player then you’re out of luck (DLCs may help but it would also be paid).

There was a plan to make a bestiary of some kind, but currently we’re in development hell 2: electric anti-cheat and new content is gonna wait looooooong before getting added.

Though I must say I didn’t expect IA to actually release CIU without some good tutorial. Last I tried a new account the amount of things you get thrown into as a new player is overwhelming.

on a positive note: there is a weapon testing mission that in my opinion is one of the best additions to CIU as it helps you get familiar with weapons since it forces you to use a different one in every wave.


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