Turning scenes should turn the unreachable screen part too

When you play a level that have turning, the large unreachable part will stay at down, but it should turn with screen in my opinion. Cant really managed to explain but here it is…

Can you please elaborate?

Is this it?

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as in emeralds message, the unaccessable part of playmap wont turn if spaceship turns

This area is supposed to be here as a place for egg splats. Besides, how would turning it around even work?


Also,how would this work in waves where you’re facing diagonally? And not to mention ones where you’re turning around constantly…It would feel weird,imo.


like it can be attached to spacehip and can turn with it

like it can contain the 60° part that back of spaceship sees

But it would feel weird if it kept turning around with you. Remember that in waves like pulsating grid,the spaceship just keeps turning around slowly. This doesn’t even seem that necessary,imo.


you wont even feel it ‘-’

sorry but i always get sick when i watch some things spin for a really long time so i think this would make much more sick. because i always look at my power and how much keys do i have.

not the stats! It will spin the part emerald showd.

:expressionless: i was talking about that thing .

They are invisible so you shouldnt even notice…

The bottom area is always off-limits in order to prevent your spacecraft from hiding behind the GUI elements down there.

oh I thought that was for that chickens sliding from down to get up in CI3

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