Trophies and/or achievements?

do you possibly think there could be some new achievements that could be unlocked throughout the game, if it is possible since we had the old achievements, do you think that could be worth a try? like on consoles, but on PC? let me know if that happened already.

P.S Glad 2 Be Back :slight_smile:

we already have medals

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yes. but what about a new type of achievements? like technically speaking, is there like any way possible?

@EmeraldBirb like could we get achievements for collecting keys? or diamonds or whatever

Uh… there’s no diamonds in the game

i apologise, it just a suggestion i heavnt hear the updates yet

As in, is adding new medals to the existing set technically possible? That has actually happened before - medals like the “Iceman Coolness Award” and “Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness” (both wonderfully named) were not in the game when the first public version launched and were added in later.

If you’re asking something else (like Steam achievements?) it’s not entirely clear what you mean? Perhaps there’s another way you could explain it.

And welcome back. :wink:

Huge sigh of relief

first of all, thank you for welcoming me back :pray:t4: and letting me know

second of all, kind of like steam achievements, and ps4/ xbox achievement stuff

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Bruh . What about rarity diamonds

actually, that makes a whole lot more sense to me now, what about the rarities?

Rarity: There are three levels of them Uncommon, Rare and Legendary. Items with rarity are better than normal items if compared. You can only get rare items through Heroware
For more information about the game and forum, press this:Frequently asked questions

The game is still in Early Access - content like Steam achievements isn’t really possible until it gets a full release. I’m not even sure if CIU will be coming to Steam (although it probably will).

If it does, you can expect the achievements to come with it sometime after EA. :wink:


Yeah it will be coming to Steam. (but you need to buy it there since there can’t be any guests accounts).


or MAYBE, on EA website, or the IA web too

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