Travelling bug

now this bug needs to be fixed just look
if i want to travel from amythaon to lisianassa using interstellar highway i have to go there through a very long path:
alright now if i want to go to a star system a bit far away than this I dont have to go through any extra star systems and through a simple route:

somebody tell IA to explain this
Thank you!

Answer: there’s no bugs in those galaxy

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i cant understand what you mean
take a look at the star names
i am using only interstellar travel

So, why do choose “Off-road”, you have?

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not the problem its not making sense that to get to a particular star system(lysiannassa) it takes me through alot of different star systems but to get to a star system which comes just after lysiannassa i get to it without going to those extra star systems.
if i need to travel there i can use offroad but still it needs to be fixed ,right.
thanks for the reply. hope you can understand

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