Transparent or semi-transparent colour in Advanced Colour Selection

Apologies if this is intended, but I am posting this since I am not sure and it feels rather weird.
Here’s two screenshot with the issue I’m talking about:

Normally on the left is the last used colour and on the right is the current colour.

Here’s a video which shows how to get this issue ( if it is one ):

So basically changing the shininess hue ( or anything that has this icon left to it image ) to black or any colour that is not white and then going back to paint it would make the last saved one either transparent 100% or semi-transparent.

If it is intended, I apologize again, if they are supposed to be transparent, the confusion is coming from the categories with this icon image that are having colours from black to white rather than transparency.

Well transparency is a way to make the shininess stronger or weaker

Well yes, but IMO it should not affect the paint as it can be seen in screens. The colour should stay constant regardless of whether the shininess is changed or not, since it is a different category after all.

Fixed in v.32

:medal_sports: Bug


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