Translation idea

Hello. Jay here.

I have a idea which there’s a translate button.
Like this:IMG_20200502_083320
He can translate other language to English.
For example:
When you click it, it translate to
English:Nice Idea.
If there’s button already in any trust levels, I might be wrong.

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Hello.This is good idea but you can use google translate.


It’ll take a lot of time to implement this, actually. ‘Cause you have to put every language into that

It already exists in the form of live page translation. You can get Google Translate to translate pages for you as you browse them. And then if you want to write a reply, just translate it in Google Translate (the actual website).

The problem with translation software however is that it doesn’t understand context, I.e. it’s crappy for really specific translations. You might wanna tell someone their idea is amazing and they must definitely ask IA to implement it, but it might as well turn into something like “Your idea is confusing and you must force AI to include it”. Not to mention… whatever the hell that phenomenon is. Google “Random Typek” and “Google Translate Sings (by Malinda Reese)” and see for yourselves.


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