If I could, may I have permission to translate to my language?

Translates will be when game is close to out. English texts has lots of typos for noe.


But I tried to type in and it worked!

M87 ate this post.

I see what you did here.


What do you mean?

Dont explain the joke. That will kill it.

He means he tried using Google Translate or something similar.
Which isn’t even a valid way of translating anything, anyway.

Honestly google translate stinks…

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It’s great if you know how to use it. Ever since they introduced GNMT in 2016 it rarely makes mistakes and you can just whole document an deal with it.

Yes, I can definitely see the improvement.

A while ago:


Yeah, you insert nonsense, it outputs nonsense. Seems fair to me.

Can you give link to gas bubbles I don’t wanna miss out

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