Trading system idea isn't going to work

This isn’t an idea

Well i am here to say something about trading system in ciu

Well it won’t work

Some people will say they can get scammed in trading

The problem isn’t about scamming you can obviously add safe trade

The problem here if you are new player and just found someone with a maximum items

And he just trade some to the new player

It would just be bad idea

Because you would just give people a crazy stuff at there start so it wouldn’t be unbalanced

Imagine someone joined before the trading update worked there way up and then he buys there dream spacecraft after like 7 days of fly time

And someone coming after the trading update come to random high tier player asking them for spacecraft

Any then they get it that easily without working that hard at the game

So yeah

If it gets added in future
Maybe IA Should add like a skill level system where you have to fly with your spacecraft for a long time to get skill points and your spacecraft become stronger so it won’t just be easy

Yeah giving the a spacecraft but with no skill level so they have to max there skill level

Again this is not an idea am just making a point

Thank you

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Which is…?

I’ll make a point too. So you know how tiers aren’t really used much? If the trading is added, tier could limit what people can buy or sell, and how often.


Safe trade

You can see what is the other player offering you
It rarity and price and it’s details

You can confirm and make your final decision if you don’t want to trade Cancel the trade from Cancel button

I don’t think it is the time to have trading in the game

He can just buy a ton of lower tier stuff give it to the new player so he can have a ton of keys

Let’s wait
This isn’t the time for having trading in game

It would be a problem and also some expliots may come from it at the beta so yeah

Thing is that new players could get scammed anyways if they have no clue which items are good.

They can search it up you can clearly see the difference between legendary and rare or normal

We give them a safe trade they have to use it wisely and also

No stupid player would trade 1k spacecraft for 400 keys spacecraft if they have that much information

Yeah, clearly see, yet there are new players who keep asking about what the difference is.

Imagine you are new player

You just bought 1k spacecraft ok
And you found someone offering you 500 keys spacecraft

What would you choose

I know there are some stupid people around

But they aren’t that stupid you know :joy::joy:

Unless you have only 1 iq

You won’t fall for it

Depends. Well I can scam someone into taking muller408 and giving me muller404 lol. The former is more expensive so surely people will want it over muller404 right? Jokes aside, I’m pretty sure this could happen more easily with other items, spaceships aren’t the only thing you can trade, ya know.
I mean I dunno. There’s no way to tell for sure what would happen, but I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question given that there are lots of kids playing this game.
Edit: ik there’s really not much that can be done to solve this btw, but saying that it’s not an issue is simply wrong.


But the details about it like hard point and satellites it’s weight

I know it is just spacecraft is the easiest thing to make examples on

I don’t really know either

Yeah i know there are a lot of kids playing this games and can easily be scammed

I know i didn’t say that will solve it
I meant it would lower the scam but not defeating it

I am just putting it a side because there is also more problems to talk about

I hope that answers your questions
I am sorry for taking to long to reply i was just thinking about it

And yeah the kids the are getting scam doesn’t have any thing to solve it

Solving it just like solving the world hunger
Or by ending all the wars (this is clearly a joke :joy:)

So yeah safe trade would just lower the percentage of people getting scammed

Sorry for any spelling mistakes i have big fingers compared to this phone :joy:

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Don’t you think that we have to dely trading system idea ?


Idk if it should ever be added at all

Me too

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Three things humanity can’t fix:
-world hunger
-wars and threats
-kids being scammed

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the least thing you can do is minimizing it

That’s what safe trade for

But that can’t prevent them from getting scammed

no it doesn’t

world hunger, war and threats arent any “cool”

They are all stuff that isn’t nice to talk about and we are going off topic here so lets just talk about this post

Anyway that’s why we should consider delaying trading system idea