Trade : buy and sell spaceship

Hi. Im chicken i.u person . you will get a ship, but your key is not enough. and it’s enough if you sell your own ship. but you cannot buy your own ship. you have seen this error =) thanks for your thoughts

Hey, would you please explain a little? what error you are referring to?

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It’s not error, it’s intended because you can’t walk in space without a ship :slight_smile:
and this is not an #ideas

Recategorize it to #early-access

hi bro, actually not a mistake Let’s say I have to buy a spaceship, and I can buy my own ship, but I can’t sell my ship because I have to buy another ship first, I hope you understand

And it’s intended cuz… Meh no selling your flagship

You don’t ike to walk in space after seing your only ship, don’t you?

It doesn’t require buying another ship, you can have 1 ship equiped.

He means he want to sell his only ship to buy a new one lol

oh ok.

No that’s not possible. Otherwise you won’t be able to play even.

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when I sell one ship, I meant that my key was enough for the other ship

You are too slow because we solved your case already


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I don’t mean you

hmm, okey

you really should not do that.

@BATUHAN So, do you want to sell your last unit of ship and decide to die after 5 seconds in space with no oxygen?

you know , google translate

You are going off-topic.