This has been in my mind for so long and I just want to put it out.
Basically implementing Monthly, Seasonal and Yearly tournaments for players around the world to compete each other for valuable prizes like keys and possibly exclusive tournament medals for the winners.
You have the right to NOT implement this, this is just an idea while I’m walking up the stairs lol

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Daily, Weekly Challenges: Are we a joke to you

This isn’t like challenge like you thought…

Let’s focus on Seasonal Tournaments, 120-wave missions like the good ol’ days, difficulty increases as you make progress. Up to ~240 competitors, and a maximum of about 10 missions in total. A time limit is given (2 weeks?) and all competitors must finish within that time, or they are disqualified. First place gets 3K keys, Top 3 (excluding first place) are eligible to obtain 2K keys, Top 10 (excluding first place and top 3) get 1K keys, Top 100 (excluding everyone from before) are awarded ~300 keys, and it goes on.

The problem I see right now with challenges: Why should anyone play them? It’s not like we will have global tournaments like in other games (dota, LoL, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG etc.). These challenges will be for sure played by people that already have every equipment possible so they can win it, they will also be played by people that don’t have every equipment, but you can’t expect that they will get to top. And when the top players who already have everything win the challenge, you want to give them keys? There should be something exclusive that you can only get at tournaments so there actually is incentive to play them (and I’m not exactly speaking about medals, because that’s kind of lame)


I agree, actually. Maybe we can have restrictions and necessary equipment when entering a tournament mission. Only 5 lives and a maximum of 5 other equipment (Stackables, Mountables, etc.). If you don’t have these, you can’t enter the mission. A specific tier can also be needed in order to enter the mission, let’s say 10. And while medals are lame, specific ones can be awarded to victors, not just that but yes, exclusive rewards that can only be obtained during tournaments.


I’d spent a day thinking about this problem and as a considerable person, I would take the critisisms openly
I totally agree @miso (Sorry for ping), restrictions on Tournaments are a must, you can’t make a healthy competitive playground that only occurs occasionally without restrictions
I think I may change the maximum ammount of Extra Lives up to 9 (for 10 in-game) because you can never know when’re you going to get an Epic Wave to brag…, in exchange a total ban of Perishables and Speedy Recovery (It makes no sense when you bring those in, making you a cheater), also you could only bring ONE type of Special Weapons and a restriction of 1 use per 5 seconds to avoid excessive stacking
Tier Requirements are a good idea in my opinion, it makes the game more challenging and could appeal more players into CIU.
So I think I advised the requirements:

  • Monthly: 20+
  • Quarters: 35+
  • Yearly Minor: 55+
  • Yearly Major: 70+

The less occurence the event is, the higher the requirements are in a trade for more valuable items
(My God, writing this word block is exhausting, back to simping Utsuho Reiuji lol)

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Maybe a bit less for Monthly and Quarterly? I’d say ~Tier 15 for Monthly and ~Tier 25 for Quarterly.

There’re a lot of cases where people lost their progress (It tends to happen less frequently) so I think we need time for them to get used to new rapid changes in my opinion, but your contribution isn’t bad. I’ll lower the parameters by 15.

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