Touch mode

@InterAction_studios can you add a special mode for PC, that allows touching using mouse?
Just to test touch with people who doesn’t have a phone.
Or at least, a special mode for people who want to play the game that way


get an emulator

On steam control remote

if there was touch mode i doubt it would be any different, just disable your other mouse keys

Wouldn’t work on old devices like mine 787755074109702195

What? :stop_sign: ERROR 404 :stop_sign:

It exists,

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Yeah it does, but does it work normally for normal PC users?

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No. I have an emulation layer which I use for testing, but even that can’t handle multi-touch correctly.


I think it exists but if it didn’t then i agree eith u

I agree with you its bad but make the touchscreen controls costumisable so u can move them around and a button for to shoot the sattelite for the touchscreen?that’d be cool

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get a lcd with touchscreen or connect ur pc to mobile


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