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Oh look, another topic before EA ends.

Discourse offers ability to tag topics. I know IA wants to keep the forum as stock installation as possible, but I feel that enabling topic tags will be a welcome addition at this point (well it would be from the start, but hey, you don’t know everything day 1). We have over 6000 topics in the forum and it shows that 5 new idea topics are made every week.

Q: Aren’t categories enough?
A: They are kind of lacking. Yeah they work on basic premise, but they don’t tell much more than that. Also I feel like Early Access category (oh and BTW, what’s gonna happen to this category after the release?) and Ideas category are kind of used without distinction. Most bugs and little suggestions are just posted in EA v00 topics. Tags could be used to categorize the topics even more precisely and aren’t limited to just one for one topic.

Also I should mention that it should be watched so the users use the correct tags to not make a mess. (maybe warnings for misusing the tags would be good enough to prevent that)

Image showcasing tags stolen from Discourse blog (Ha, blinded by sudden light mode. Unless you use light mode, you monster.):

Possible tags that could be made:

  • Weapon
  • Enemy
  • Boss
  • Wave
  • Satellite
  • Poll - Topics that have poll in the first post could have this tag to have more visibility so more users come to vote.
  • Added - Now hear me out. I know we have a “solved” plugin enabled, but it’s used with mixed results (for example look at “post your spacecraft” topic, how can that topic even be solved?). Not to mention that we have topics auto closing enabled so it doesn’t matter much since it would work best if the topic would be closed when a solution was chosen. With that tag we could easily mark and browse topics that made it into the game.

The end.
But suddenly, everybody’s favorite polL+ratio:

Should tags be enabled?
  • Yes.
  • Yes, but… (comment)
  • don’t care.
  • No.

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If I missed any tag that you think would be a good addition here, comment it.


This technically already exists, though that requires users to come in agreement with tag names and ability to use the Search button many users here lack. The best example is probably the [Bug] prefix in the title.

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I thought this was already gonna be added soon, it’s a pretty good idea anyway


omg, how can you don’t care about this?!

i also don’t care.

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What concerns you about that?

nothing, I was just shocked


Ain’t gonna happen ever. And I don’t mean just the CIU forum. Ain’t gonna happen anywhere else.

I wonder what people think when they see the search icon next to their profile when they log in.

Relax. It’s just a different naming for “neutral” in my polls. Doesn’t change the score at all and allows to check if more people saw the voting.

I don’t think he was concerned about that. Maybe the topic sounded way essential to him that nobody can’t care about it.

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I have now enabled tags on the forum.

Nevertheless, seeing how tags are handled, I predict they will become unwieldy and/or irrelevant within two weeks.


there are no tags yet, i think we should get a tag for every CI game

You can create them on your own whenever some topic is being made. I don’t see much point in episodes tags as for now, they are barely mentioned.

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Well, you can edit old topics too, but you can’t create your own tags. Unless you need to be regular tier for that to work. And currently there no tags, just like trueuser wrote.

I’ve successfully added a “modding” tag to the mods topic right now, so you can add them to old topics for sure. I’m a regular though.

Perhaps now that I’ve done it it may be available for you? Idk.

think it’s because you are trust level 4 3

I didn’t know VerMishelb was an admin on this forum

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oops i made a terrible typing mistake

He should have the Leader badge someday