Top 5 Favorite Bosses/Boss Fights

This is a list of my “Top 5 Favorite Bosses” that I want to share.

5 Chicken Multiplicity
Facing this boss made me chuckle a lot back in CI4 due to the way you fight it and it gets a bit chaotic once you reach the later stages of this boosfight. Nevertheless this fun experience made me want to put this Boss in the #5 spot of the list

4 Military Chicken (COTDS (CI5))
When I played this boss back in CI5 i thought this boss was really easy, but now fighting him in Universe is a different story, armed with more than 6 grenades and 3 pairs of knives this boss gave me a hard but challenging and fun fight.

3 Brothers Reunited
I just love it when you get to fight two different bosses and from what I have observed this is the only bossfight that has 2 different bosses in one fight (Chicken Multiplicity is counted as one boss for me). The challenge factor also gets raised because of the presence of the Party Chicken.

2 The Henterprise
I love the theme it plays when you fight it and the fight is similar to “Cardinal of Four” Waves, wherein you face the boss in different sides of the screen (every time you reach +25% of its health it moves to a different screen). I have played the max difficulty of this Boss and since I am running a potato PC I didn’t realize how The Henterprise is ridiculously fast in higher difficulty levels, I only realized it after watching other people fight it in YT.

1 The Yolk-Star™
My favorite villain theme in the entire CI franchise. Despite this boss not being “fun” it gave me a really challenging experience (even though I haven’t legitimately defeat him in CI3). CIU just bumps the difficulty up to more than 11.

Despite it’s THICC health and difficulty and the Meme Status the community gave it this was the main cause of me going back into the series. I played CI and CI2 back when I was a kid and had a really fun time playing these 2 games. I stopped when the computer was taken to our Computer Shop and I never played CI since. One time I was browsing through Wildtanget games on my mom’s laptop and saw a Demo for CI3 and that’s how I got back to the series, and stopped again in a few months and went back to the series again during senior high when I found out about CI4.

Fun Fact: Until now I haven’t legitimately completed Revenge of the Yolk… yet


5 Hend Game

4 Brothers Reunited

3 Bossa Nova

2 Yolk Star

1 Egg Cannon

Sweater chicken is more than brutal than ever if you know… That movement, is so random

5.Shoot the Core!

4.Hend Game

3.Yolk Star™

2.Chicken Multiplicty

1.Henley’s Comet

  1. U.C.O
  2. Bad apple core
  3. mother-hen ship (CI3)
  4. H e n d g a m e
  5. Egg cannon

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