Top 10 notification idea and question

now when i get message about top 10, i can’t see from the message top 10 of what it is - daily challenge, weekly, race? so i go to open the messages. if i didn’t login to the game the day after, i need to reverse engineer what happened from the number of keys.

can the message be something like “for you excellence in daily challenge (hard) …”?

also, unrelated question that i don’t know how to categorize - i twice compare myself to random players to find they don’t have early participation medal. how is that possible?


That’s because they haven’t played the game since that medal was added I think. I also think that if what I have sayed is true, they shouldn’t have any medal, because players’ medals were removed when new medals were added.


Added to v.50 :medal_sports: Idea

Correct. The medal is awarded when you log in, so these players haven’t logged in since the medal was introduced.



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