Today's Top 10 Daily (Hard)

Got 4th place on Top 10 Daily. My new record.


Congrats! Well, I’m not really serious to play those challenges, because I’d clear a lot of people in the top 10 so far :wink: On the hard my record is top 3 sadly :frowning:


Great! Sadly my record is top 4 on easy

My record was top 5 on Hard.

What do you use as your superweapon?

Dimenſional phaſeouts. They’re cheap, and verſatile. Moſt ſuperweapons aren’t really uſeful againſt lots of miniboſſes, which is pretty much the only time I uſe them, and the damage amplifier is uſeleſs if you loſe a life right after deployment. At the end of the day, I think the phaſeouts are the only ones worth the price.

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Well, I’m using almost nothing. I rarely use dimensional phase-outs.

Hey I got 7th place! I don’t check the top 10 daily that often, but that day was the first time I won SSH Hard Daily without losing a single life (used a dimensional phase-out however).

Unfortunately, my laptop is broken earlier today, and it is unlikely that I will recover my old profile.

But a phaseout won’t help you kill lots of enemies,and that’s a huge issue in waves that spam lots of mini-bosses,especially in those in which enemies can escape(which would be a huge loss for you when it comes to points). Damage amplifiers are the best in such cases. Yes,they get disabled if you die,but then…just don’t die :).
If you don’t care about score,then that’s something different. I’d definitely say that amps are worth it,though

I agree with you there, but I’m not good enough to “just don’t die”. That’s why for me damage amps are uſeleſs- if they diſactivate (as they do) when I die after (ſay) 5 ſhots, then I’m better off juſt uſing a phaſeout to not die and keep the firepower.

That doesn’t happen that often,though.

Generally I only uſe ſpecial weapons in ſpecial circumſtances, which is when it does to me. It comes with not beïng as good as one might like, in addition to uſuälly playing when one is on the tireder ſide of things.