To who ever made this wave

Just playing away when suddenly i come across a wave

And the name of that wave was “among us”

I was expecting a haha wave shaped like a crewmate joke and that’s it

But no

Imagine this

You playing on mobile and have the photon swarm with attack while moving enabled

Damn near had a heart attack with an army of red chicks with bandanas running after me while making more of them angry by just trying to run away

I have to say what were you thinking when you made that wave???

P.s if you are also the dev who decided on giving the stealth spaceship droop snoot as a feature then i completely forgive you

Skill issue.

I’m not sure. Did you mean the maneuverability (the moving speed) of spacecraft?

Looks like he’s a returning player. Maybe we should introduce for him new things & what has changed.


In the stats of the cheapest stealth ship one of the features is literally just “droop snoot”

If you don’t get the joke watch this

You don’t need to judge or swear at someone made this just because of your shamefully unimaginably ridiculously skill issue

Tbh, you can just focus and act fast. Practice makes perfect, keep it in mind.
Inappropriate topic.

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Oh i didn’t mean to sound angry in the post

And if getting instantly cornered with no escape is a skill issue then you players have a really high standard

Cuz believe me with no rockets or enough power to kill them quickly before they dash there is no escaping that situation no matter what direction you go in

If you go left you agro more and they circle you

And if you go right same problem

In fact, in this version there are lots of waves which maybe harder than the wave you have mentioned.
So, just like how @Amiko said, try to practice more.

Also, choosing Superstar Hero as an default skill no longer hides the Safe Zone and Danger Zone anymore. (you may be know).

I have to add

Im not angry at the devs for making hard waves, in fact the game is more fun that way and i love playing mission that have higher difficulties (like the mission where i met the wave in the post was an 89-100% difficulty) and i only use the default ship with 7 lives and a lvl 2 photon swarm because i want to save for a good ship because i hate the max power cap of 8

I just wanted to express how much i wasn’t expecting that wave

That is all

Oooooo that sounds fun

Well, since you recently come back, then I can think, a lot. But it’ll not a big problem :smiley: . Just experience yourself :smiley:

(Some notice: Playing again a mission multiple times recently may result in reduced rewards.)


I have a feeling there will be more BS to come but it is to be expected

And about playing the same mission ,i don’t like playing the same mission over and over ,i finish a mission and go to the next

I remember you can find and use worm/black holes from the beta but im yet to find one (like i can even go to them i have basically nothing but a em shield)

me: use mine(s)
or find easier missions to do until you have strong enough spaceship/ weapon, or skill growth. Don’t make it difficult for yourself. Have fun

You could…just kill them all one by one and slowly. That’s how you will get over it.

Well that is not an easy task with a wide weapon that homs ,is it?:sweat_smile:

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