To buy Chicken Hunter License with Bitcoin

GM! GM! my dear frens,

Currently, the only option available to buy a Chicken Hunter license is via PayPal. Please consider supporting at least Bitcoin for payments. It would be even better if it’s possible to support Solana or other decentralized currencies for quick purchases.

Thanks. :slight_smile:





So… You’re a millionaire? Or a billionaire?

I guess I need to take economy classes.


just sell your crypto and pay in paypal




sup fren I want the third option :pouting_cat: :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat:

I mean we can pay just with eg : 0.0002 BTC(like 14 $ ) at current market rate , I got your point it’s true that BTC is a volatile asset and kinda hard to accurately fetch price(using a price oracles / api ) so if it’s 14 $ users may pay slightly more or less ,So as an alternative we can use USDC or USDT in Layer 2 Evm chains(Polygon , Arbitrum) because it’s very cheap in gas fee compared to ethereum mainnet , I like the way how namecheap domains integrated with crypto payments easy & fast

But you just showed in the following picture that you can also pay with Visa, MasterCard, etc.

The current payment methods are good enough and not complicated. Bitcoin in CIU would be unpopular.

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cryptocurrency in a casual game for all ages, including children, sounds like a good idea



A child’s game? Really?


cough cough sarcasm


Cexs are optional,there are various other ways like buying on dexs ,validating nodes,staking ,trading,hunting bugs(like in ) , or instant buying on changeNow , but still I’m not saying you guys need to give priority to cryptocurrency , but just add it as an optional way to buy chicken hunter license and otherstuff :face_holding_back_tears:

My bad. Bitcoin topics downgrade my skill at detecting sarcasm, apparently.

Perhaps DM IA now about Bitcoin so he’d give you an answer ASAP?

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how does that work with UBUNTU?

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Just wait till 2050 for IA to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment.

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Hold on, I’ve realized something: Kids play CIU while Cryptocurrency isn’t for them, so…

Conclusion: We can’t include an adult cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) in a kids (and older) game (CIU).

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dear god no.

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First we need to install bottles

 sudo flatpak install flathub com.usebottles.bottles -y     

Create a new bottle for gaming,
In bottles main window there’s hamburger Icon at the top → preferences there’s a tab called runners , you can try different runners for me caffe-9.2 runner works well .then in the bottle you created, you can install the game (the downloaded .exe file ) cui.exe and you can select the runner for that bottle from bottle settings.For me chicken invaders works fine in ubuntu without any issues.

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why not ser ?