Tips after completing a stage

I think since the earliest version of Early Access (probably version 2 or 3), someone has suggested that there should be tips appeared at the bottom of the screen every time you clear a stage.

However, this time I’m using this topic to present some tips that may be added into the game.

  • I’m posting some tips right down here as an example.

  • You can post extra tips as you want in the replies.

  • I no longer have any of the earlier CI episodes, so feel free to repost some of the tips already appeared in previous episodes.


  • You can turn on or off the option to auto-fire satellites by going to the settings on top-left and choose “Gameplay”.

  • If you want to show tutorial messages again, you can go to the settings on top-left and choose “Reset tutorial”.

  • Contribution medals can be awarded by joining and suggesting new content or reporting bugs.

  • Press 2 on the galaxy screen to access the “Inbox”, where you can play special challenge missions.

This video shows some of the tips in previous games. Obviously, there are some outdated tips such as “Collect food items to earn missiles”.


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