Time Trial Missions

Beat the mission in said amount of time or less for a key bonus. If the timer goes above the amount of time that was given to you, you will not receive the bonus, and you will earn less Final Keys.


So this is like space race mission but you could find it i a planet like normal mission, right?

This idea is cool, I thought about it too. I believe that Time Trial Missions should have a specific time to complete, the longer the duration, the more time to complete such a mission. If time is up and you haven’t completed the mission, Mission Failed will appear even when you have lives. Fun Fact: Time Trials are known time challenges in the Crash Bandicoot series. :smiley:

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While it’s a neat idea, it would require estimating the time needed to beat every single wave, especially depending on the enemies that spawn.


I guess you could say that.

Use a weapon that’s perfect for the situation.

Easier said than done.

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How about this:
The [astronomical object] is about to explode and you have to escape away from the blast. Unfortunately, the chickens are on their way to block your way out. You will be given a certain time, depending on the mission difficulty, how long it is, and environmental changes. If the timer runs out, the [astronomical object] explodes and you fail, no matter how many lives you have.


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