Time Barriers

Description: time barriers, apart from a health bar, also has a time bar. (The amount of time can be selected by @InterAction_studios.) If you don’t destroyed it after time runs out, it becomes indestructible. Take a look and you will see a white time bar.
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On what waves this’ll replace tho? just asking.

The thing is that it is not very necessary for the present waves, it would be better in the new ones, but it could be suitable for such waves where there is a bonus in the form of a box, if we do not destroy we will not get satellites.

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Well ok, I’d say 1 or 2 mins for a time at best.

From the beginning, I think that maybe 5 seconds, 10 or 15 time for destruction. What do you think?

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Ok then, but the barriers shouldn’t be too tough tho.

It would be worse with the LV4 barrier.

A perfect idea would be to add the Time Barriers LV4 instead of the usual LV4 in Shoot the Core at the highest difficulty level.

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in over 100% difficulty? i agree, and the time should be 15 secs. ok?

Great suggestion!

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What would happen if you die a few times on that boss, having :zap:5 and below afterwards?

hmm, i didn’t even think about that situation but, well it would be hard but not all barriers will be replaced tho.

Then you just have to watch out for Time Barriers LV4 and apple bullets until you defeat him, because the barriers disappear after the fight.

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