Time-Back Superweapon

This Superweapon got the ability to go back in time, making it useful for those moments where u crash, or want to collect something u didn’t collect.

It would cost up to 5x21 keys (105 keys to buy 5), is a chargeable superweapon, u can hold the superweapon key for 1-5 sec’s max, while holding, it will go automatically go back intime 5 secs ago if you dont release it in 5-7 sec’s, While Charging, it emit a aura similar to damage amplifier but this one is more likely blue-white.

Also yeah, this will make the timer go back aswell, that’s why i made it Disabled For Space Races.

When it is is use, it will make the screen borders go blurried white, while that the game goes backward, when the effect stop, the game will continue normally and the blurried borders will slowly dissapear.

How to use: Hold it when you think you will crash, when you need to collect something u didn’t, when you CRASHED, Or simply use it for FUN

(Probably never will happend)


I imagine it would be too complicated to add, like if you kill an enemy then it would have to be brought back somehow


well yes, totally, but no ones knows.

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I’d love this, but time mechanics are always pretty tough to add in games unless they’re built with the intention of having said mechanics.


What if you accidentally use it when a boss died? Will it revive the boss?



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Going back in time is a technical nightmare. The game would need to be designed from the ground up with that mechanic in mind (e.g. Braid, Prince of Persia)


What about if it juſt ſpawned a Yolk Star™, on the theory that it’s goïng back to the moſt exciting part of the hero’s career?

Protip: Don’t double click it.

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