Thundercluck medium attack

This topic i make attack with difficulty 70% for Thundercluck
Guitar Laser: Thundercluck spins his guitar firing 2 pink lasers from the end of the guitar
Musical clef ring: Shooting 8 music notes in a circle formation with medium gaps


What is the point of the boss which copies the behaviour of other bosses most of the time?


thats just the copy of Ice cubed
i mean every attacks are the same from CI5

They are just the same attacks from CI5. I think you don’t know what does Remastered mean. Remastered means new shape, new attacks, faster, etc.

Now look again this topic

again there already there in 100% difficulty
there is no need to reply to someone to look at this

Don’t need it man
We already have it in 100%

Did you legit reply to 3 people about that


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