Three Weapon Ideas


Hey guys,

i’d like to present you 3 weapons i made up, maybe you find them interesting.


Actually, this weapon is very similar to the Egg Launcher made by @EmeraldPlay, but here, the cannon balls can vary in size and there is spread.


Ice Blaster

Shoots icy bullets. A mix-up of the Hypergun and Utensil Poker, lots of spread.


Sonic Gun

Those bullets work a bit differently. Firstly, they grow for a while. Secondly, they deal constant damage (damage per second) and pierce through enemies infinetely (think of fire or poison damage).



Heh, the Sonic Gun reminds me of the Sonic Pulse from Platypus.


Yeah. Very similar to type 4 sonic pulse from platypus 2,except that this one can’t block bullets.