Thoughts from 4 months of playing

As the title suggests, I’ve been playing this for four months. Other than reporting the UCO not firing all of its weapons bug(which seems to have been fixed with the latest update), I haven’t done much for the game. So here are some ideas.

  1. Wormholes already seem to have an “exclusive” wave type, but I don’t think a second one would hurt, considering the time it takes to get the keys to go there. My idea is either a mission with levels based on any wave type(Treble Trouble, comets, Droid Highway, Square Dancing, for example), or a mission in which the levels themselves containing multiple types on enemies(a level would have chickens + supernova chunks for example). Ideally a set number of random algorithms would be each level, but to make it reasonable no enemies would come from behind the player. A hypothetical level could be supernova chunks + Chicken Geometry + Scoot and Shoot, for example. Stuff like comets and Terminator Chickens wouldn’t be allowed in the mix, the player was notified via danger area or something like that that they may be dodging stuff from behind. The first would be easier to code, and the second would require a lot of prior experience on the player’s part.

  2. For certain constellations/stars/planets, make a weapon or satellite “forbidden” to force players to experiment with other weapons. Not every location would have a forbidden weapon, but they could stack(For example, constellation A bans ion blaster; Star System B in this constellation bans neutron gun, so any missions in this system would not drop ion blasters or neutron guns, and neither could be taken into the mission by the player. The neutron gun could be used on any other star system in A).

  3. Boss ideas:
    Make at least a second boss for supernova, comet, retro, and droid raid missions. The variety would
    be appreciated, but I do realize this would take a lot of time to develop and code. I don’t have any
    specific abilities in mind at this moment.

  4. Make a blue asteroid paint skin for frozen planets to represent the asteroids being made of ice. Also, there could be various paint skins for the comets and supernova debris as well.

  5. Planet missions and a new superboss(like the Yolk-Star, Egg Cannon, Henterprise) are probably already in the works, so I won’t discuss those any more.


Nice concepts
My toughts on your toughts:

I really love the concept but I see this suits more for weekly challenges: 100 random waves for each week
This could really work better and would make it less boring

I don’t like the concept but I think would make the game less repetitive and more chsllenging
(Then your first costellation bans the moron)

Maybe after release?

4 and 5)
Already planned bosses and the frozen asteroids
While isn’t necessary (in my opinion) extra looks for comets and derbis

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