This wave needs changing

If you can’t deal sufficient damage to the hammer and forced to move to this corner (when the hammer is trying to smash you), superweapons are required to escape.


The same way you got there, the same way you get out.


Nah you can’t. The hammer always blocks your way out no matter what.
You can find somewhere for this wave (It’s hammer time!), don’t shoot then escape :]]

Nuh uh

You can slowly get out from it when the hammer is about to “hit the table” and back to its own position.

The easiest answer is that you should destroy almost all the barriers before you attack the chickens

try the top left instead of the bottom right

When the hammer gonna shoot then beside the down metals (that you wood thing you hold when holding a hammer) and shoot a bit of metal then run

Me when absolver beam

Oh wow, you just reset this topic close timer at the final day. Nonetheless, you can use the max charged beam twice to evaporate half the hammer before it swings

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