This quest should be decreased

For those unaware, the medal is “90% kill ratio in a single stage”.

I think it should be decreased at least by half.

Reason? Well, just look at this quest, in the same rank.

Most non-comp CIU missions consist of 1-2 stages, which makes the progression of both of these quests similar to each other.

As such, there is a clear disparity in the time required to finish the quest on the left vs the quest on the right.

I don’t think that should be the case, in my opinion each quest in a rank should take similar amount of time.

Anyways, what’s your opinion?

What should be done with “Earn Medals of Excellence” quest?
  • Keep the quest as it is.
  • Lower the required completions by half.

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could just post this in the early access thread next time

just saying

sorry bud but it’s called the CIU version thread (please don’t flag me because people can be confused and that is a valid reason to reply)


I think it should be like it is, I mean the medal is really easy to get since you earn it by wave and not by phase, if you want to get those medals easily just play supernova and squart blocks, besides there are longer missions than that such as exploring landmarks, exploring constellations and star systems, in addition to the precision medal

The medal does not award by wave, its by stages [1x(x)] so by playing squawk and supernova all you can be getting is one, but by it is 3-4 medal depending on your playtime

Sorry, I think I misunderstood or it was a bad translation, but if this is achieved in stages and since I get used to being in the same range for more than a week, it wouldn’t be bad to play daily missions since they are 10x10 per day, if you calculate with the 140 and the ones you already have plus the missions of the planets. It takes at least 1 week and something or less if you are a hero who prefers to save the world without having 1 second rest


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