This is about a few multiplayer features,contact features and a orbit feature that i recommend

I recommend for multiplayer we should have voice chat by a click of a button like while in a game or in when somebody else joins the players could talk to each other,2nd feature involves contacts,we should have like have groups/parties that players could create and let other people join and with voice chat or texting available and we could join or create a group/party while the player is playing so others could join while playing,3rd feature I recommend is when 2 or more players to audio chat or text with one another like a clash of clans clan but please don’t change stuff when you want to enter a galaxy or orbit,please let be the same and it be nice to add the feature,i’m done,let me know if the recommendations are good so that’s it

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No man. They will rick roll us :smiling_face_with_tear:


:sob: :sob::sob::sob::sob:

My opinion is NO
Imagine some kids playing CIU being toxic :moyai:


WAY TOO WEIRD IDEA, this is just increasing toxicity in the game

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We have Discord, by the way.

I’d personally disagree this idea since that this “voice chat” of yours would be turning into TF2 at this point


So does other games with voice chat too,all we need to do is be nice and all and report toxic players

So are toxic people in the world,all we can do is getting away from them

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Being nice is essential for a positive, healthy community, I’ll give you that. But you can simply kick players out of your multiplayer missions if they turn toxic and bother you. Reporting them from the game for being toxic won’t do anything.

You never know when someone (or one of your friends) would turn toxic. Again, just kick them out of your multiplayer missions.

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