This game is so awesome!

I have played the franchies from the first one to the 5th one but I have never heard of the 6th one until now. I love this game now that it is so much open-world.


This is the 6th Chicken Invaders game, but the first to have no storyline other than the initial greeting (well, maybe CI1 too). And hello newest recruit!


Yes, that’s true. It’s a lot fun, and welcome to the forums!


I Love the series of CI and I am good about this game. On July 23th, I just discover a new chicken invaders online so I play the game CIU and from that all the hunter of chicken. AFTER ONE YEAR, I’M BACK

Yeah, i just played some ci series from some years ago, and yeah, after some years too, i just remembered the game again.

Well, welcome! I played Chicken Invaders quite often as well, I remember getting scared of the Big Chicken as a toddler…a lot of time has passed since and I can now beat every game in Superstar Hero.

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