Things make ciu the best

  • the background and the big shop and the space burger and black market

  • the planet and suns and system and the different and difficult missions make game great

  • the profile the profile is great you can have friends and you can change your colors and more
    if i forget thing or you have more opinions write in comments


We early have that

Please explain how they works

We early have that

Just wait, we have all of them, is this an idea topic or what?

I believe the title is “Things that make CIU the best”, which is in present tense, not future. Also note how this is categorized #chicken-invaders , not #ideas , which leads me to the conclusion that this was feedback and not a proposition of ideas, which means that smart-passing multiple quote reply of yours has missed the point of the post entirely.


Ok thanks for the feedback on the game but you could’ve just posted this in Chatting place

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this is things make chicken invaders universe the best

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