Theories About The Chicken Invaders Franchise 4.0

No explanations. And I will keep making these.


Chicken invaders is in fact c


c Invaders

The music tracks from v108 were actually planned to be in the remastered version of CI2 but they were eventually left out before the release

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ok real talk: just ask iA to unlock the topic instead of making a new such topic every single time it dies out

I didn’t even know that.

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now you know :^)

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the real secret of Chicken Invaders is they are chicken invaders.

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So that’s it, huh? They’re some kinda… chicken invaders?



a chicken is made out of feathers and cooked flesh

Chickens: Can build stuff with wings, colonized thousands of planets, built many massive weapons capable of destroying entire star systems

Also chickens: repeatedly dies to a former pizza delivery pilot

Chickens: haha i can easily conquer the multiverse
Chickens: send a intergalactic destroyer into the solar system
Also chickens: vanish because of a teen whos stole his parent spaceship and was trying to buy some borges

LOL A teen.

Theory: The hero says “I regret missing my math class” So i think his age is less than 30.

Chickens: We can’t be defeated!
Me: Multiplayer exists.

Who’s Henlley?

probably tied in with the Raj Kapoor lore

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