The weight of the ship

I have a bad problem with my ship that is getting on my nerves. The problem is this. My friend has a BX model 7 ship, which weighs more than my BX model 8 ship, but it can fly faster even though it weighs more.
Please let me know if you have a solution or if I should buy something from the store and put it on my ship.

So, what is the problem of BX models?

Better engines increase the speed of the ship.

Maneuvering jets also increase the speed by a lot.

Or you need types ship a low weight

Mass has no effect on the speed of a ship during missions. Maneuverability does. Other than that, what iIfireIi said.

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  • better rarity also helps.
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just find a legendary ship bx and it will be faster

Bx-7 legendary is fastest

What would you suggest the configuration would be best on a legendary M-408 for quick response, (weapons etc. not considered). I have never used jets or vector control and would like to get some advice on their advantages. I fly legendary hall effect thrusters with a proton reactor usually. Be well all…

Thank you for your suggestion

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