The (unoffical) CIU weapon rebalance program 6: Riddler rework

Hi, I am Stardrone and this is @1galbatorix1 's CIU weapon balance program in which he talks about current issues with weapon balance and Its propose solutions for them. More info about what its deal is you can find in his original post: CIU weapon balance program by galbatorix Is strongly suggested checking it out, if you haven’t seen it yet, so you will fully understand what the goal is.

Actually since galbatorix stated that he is unsure to continue this program after the arrival of the “bombers”.

So, before the ipotetical close of this program I want to talk about the Riddler.
(Please don’t hate me for copy-pasting the OG introdution)

So, premitting that this post won’t be as accurate as the originals (sadly no cool maths and gaphs), I will show my rework about this weapon.

The very cheap cost is a bit clickbait for brand newcomers since they would try to buy it.
The good damage and the low chance of overheating are good on paper BUT:
By the way this weapon is totally not good for the early game and would result into a waste of keys.
The reason bheind this is the fact that riddler gain accuracy by power level.
If mantaining low firepower is a strategy for meteor storm and supernova missions, this is a huge disvantage in normal missions.

Balance suggestions:
Since the hoverheating mechanic is a thing that should get valorized since is a uniqe perk of CI series since ROTY, my balance suggestion is to make Riddler gain accuracy the more it overheats, as the opposte of Vulcan chailgun, and a boost of firerate based on the same criteria (making this weapon a “nooby gun” suitable for good players too,since riddler manual soothing would be still better than the automatic).

I would nerf a bit the weapon’s overheat to make it still viable for newcomers and to don’t make impossibile to do missions on low firepower.

I would make the weapon gaining more “shots” the more firepower increase to make it worth gaining powerups even on supernovas and meteor stormd
(So no strategies ruined)

What do you think about this change?
I know that the original goal of the program was to make the less invasive changed possible but this is the best balance I came with.


I’m kinda confused here. Compared to all weapons @1galbatorix1 rebalanced so far, and even compared to most weapons right now, Riddler is ridiculously underpowered, its only saving grace being the low overheat rate.

Using an autoclicker doesn’t require being a good player.

The title of which, as far as WBP is concerned, has already been taken by Positron Stream. Imo we don’t need two ‘noob guns’.

Yeah, bit of a shame, considering that it’s probably the most important part of the Program.

You mean more projectiles? I’m asking because…that’s already a thing with riddler…

Yes, though currently the number of projectiles increases every two power levels. I’d assume @Stardrone wanted to suggest a more linear progression since the increase in accuracy wouldn’t be dependant on firepower anymore.

I didn’t considered “cheaters”

Really? I need to revaluate the weapon so

Didn’t know. The weapon doesn’t look that it gains firepower
(Yes, you understood)

Right sentence

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Sorry I just skim these discussions, BUT

IA said autoclickers are ok. They’re more exploits rather than cheating. Still playing by the same rules.

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I see that there is a big demand for this post series huh. Well, as I said, release of the bomber spaceship made everything more difficult, but I have already done calculations for Riddler, Vulcan, Hypergun and Railguns (only guns I don’t have numbers for are Lightnign Fryer and Corn Shotgun). Besides that, after pretty extensive conversation with @GgWw1175 about bombers I came to the conclusion, that “not everything is lost” XD So yea, seeing that WBP is so popular on the forum, I think I will continue the series. At least for now. (After that I will think a bit about how to make bomber work)

About your post.

That was actually my original idea what do with riddler LOL. However I decided to change it later for couple of reasons.

Unfortunately, Riddler has much more things messed up than you covered. (Mainly the autoclicker damage boost) Without numbers it is hard to judge how the changes would work, but still what you proposed would probably be a step in a right direction.

It’s sad how easy this exploit is to fix. Introducing standard 6,5 shots/s cap for manual fire rate and that’s it. (If I remember correctly, it was done but then it was reversed for whatever reason…??)


Doesn’t mean that it’s not a problem. If there was an exploit that allowed you to gain huge amounts of keys, it’d be fixed immediately.
If we’re redesigning the weapon, we might as well get rid of said exploit.


Oh you guys are talking about the riddler limit! Wow I read even less than I thought. I should also probably say I didnt like the change and using EXTERNAL PROGRAMS to use a weapon effectively is unreasonable.


When I saw that, I was: Oh, Galbatorix strikes again :smiley:

Because it added another useless weapon to the pool.
Think I said this already,but I’ll say it again…it would be fine if they just “fixed” manual fire again,and changed automatic fire to function the same way manual fire does currently. Or maybe even make it a bit better,since it’s still not as good as utensil.

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