The unoffical CIU rating

How do you rate the game at the moment

  • Great
  • Good, but some things need add/fix/rebalance
  • Normal
  • Not well
  • Bad

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For me the game is good but misses more incentives to play.
Right now the game doesn’t offer a lot of long and short term content to let me play without getting bored after few missions.
Super star hero is too hard for me, I have a broken mouse and the new content is Yes.
I know that the game is in beta and we are testing the core mechsnics but the content is now “stagnant” (hoping is a correct world to use in the context)

To end this… the game needs a longer midgame content like weapons (new or rebalances), new environments and waves patterns. But even a new spacecraft could help (this would help to test how the game “reacts” to new spaceships).

Well… I said what I think and probably what other people too.
The beta is like this…


Yep, CIU has a big potential, but right now its kinda messy. Many things have to be added/rebalanced. Weapons and difficulty levels need MAJOR improvement. Some new more difficult bosses would also be nice. Also, real multiplayer(2-4 spaceships playing the same level in the same time) is necessary. I know it’s difficult for IA studios to implement such feature, but IMO this game will not last long without it.


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