The total net keys earned

let’s see if we put together those 2 numbers we recive 67175!!!
so I know fore some reasons that number is not the real number of the keys that I earn!!!
so my idea is to introduce the number of the total net keys earned!!! and maybe the total number of the keys that I spend …and I think that with that numbers there is some kind of bug!!

Wow!!! !!! !!! !!!1
Really though, it would be better to compare that instead of the amount of keys you currently have.

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“keys collected” is the number of keys you have gone and picked up in-game. “keys” is your current number of keys, ſo “keys collected” × all the relevant multipliers - keys ſpent.

What does that have to do with anything?

Good idea, but even better with appropriäte punctuätion.

I’m afraid you likely have no medal forthcoming for this one.

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Since when not added things or more stats became a bugs?

hey @InterAction_studios one question???
this medal Scrooge McChick Certification : Awarded for amassing 100,000 keys is awarded for
the total net keys earned or if you reach the the real number of 100,000 keys!!!
and I was thinking from the begining of this post could you add 2 details
total net keys earned and the total keys spend!!!

Keys collected is the amount of keys you collected in game, not the amount of keys you have had in total. I have reached twice the 1000 keys and in keys collected it says I have collected about 1500 keys.

The medal is awarded if your current balance is 100,000 keys. The key icon at the top-right of the screen needs to show 100k or greater.

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