The social buttons do not look very good

oh my god actual site feedback:

the socials icons on the site is messed up.

firstly: there is too much distinct colors as anyone can already tell. i have found at least one monochrome version in every brand icon pack that i have downloaded

(just picked a random variation, so youtube and tiktok might have one without text, but i dont even know anymore)

and there is no button padding which also i do not think any brand is cool with really

Clear Space

just a few examples i don’t actually have enough free time to take more screenshots

after this research i concluded that i have broken every single design guideline on my own website too, and yes 5 buttons made me write this terrifying post.

that’s it.


you’re turning everying into musk theme

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too bad only 2 out of 5 logos are stylized letters, and one Unicode character

in game icons are fine to me however

yeah they have something called padding

i made a mockup using icons from official branding guidelines of them


official x branding icon looks ridiculous ngl


Granted. Initially, I wanted to draw attention to them so they can attract some clicks/views/follows, but without the white background they do look like a bit of a mishmash.

I’ve increased the padding on the website.


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