The site should have another category

As you can see, the only categories that are in the site are ideas, early access, uncategorized, and site feedback. Other than the site feedback, all of the categories are about chicken Invaders in some way.
I think that it would be nice if there was another category where you could discuss other than chicken Invaders. I think that this category could be called: unrelated, or random.

You could argue that the uncategorized category does what I talked about, but people still use it to discuss about chicken Invaders 99% of the time.

Furthermore, I think that if such a category would be implemented, more people will be in this forum, for longer.

In my latest topic i suggest a Chatbox but no one answer me about that. Chatbox will be very usefull for the forum.


Something like an Off-Topic category?

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The “Off-topic” category has been added


Wow, I can’t believe that IA actually did it, and also in such a short time! Thank you! You made my day!

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I really see no point of not-chicken invaders categories on a chicken invaders forum, but as it’s already added, why not I guess?

In my country we have a wrestling forum but is full with other categories and offtopic.