The right time to update planetary waves(important)

I expect that this is the right time to put the waves of planets like in the chicken invaders 5, there are stormy planets with blue earth and others in the water and others neon or crystal as I remember and since the beginning of this game when I played I longed for an update like what I say now and finally a planet Earth I suggest that it be a planet in the solar system and distinct from the rest of the planets where there are missions that are updated weekly and there are prizes and the highest pilots, but the interaction studios can do their work in his way. I hope you reach the developer

Don’t check for me the previously laid out stuff and the spelling mistakes I’m just suggesting my idea

Interaction studios said that, they will start adding new stuff after Christmas, for now they are fixing bugs, so expect planetary update next year

Not easy at all for randomly generated missions. The easiest we could hope for now is Atmospheric Reentry style of mission.

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please change the topic name

no why

Why did your thought became the general conclusion for everyone who doesnt even care
Why does it has to be important

And which is this talking to

CIU is on another galaxy, so the earth is not seen

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Then he could had just say “The Earth”?

a question

He just use “the Earth” to be an example for planetary missions. So dont be that strictly

I woud call it Terran missions

exploration of each planet

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