The Red Bloony's Idea

I want you add CK-02 Event Horizon to the Universe. Main article:



Seem very interesting

Ah yes. I especially love how Chicken related it is.

Oh and looking at the page it actually has, like, legit stuff from Bloons Tower Defense, too. Cool.


I like this boss but we don’t want to spoil the next CI sequel, right? :wink:

Who said it was confirmed?

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If superbosses (or story mode) will ever be a thing in universe we must have this as the true Universe’s villan.
Is just too clever

So Moab means mother of all birds?

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Massive Ornary Air Blimp.

Authentic Hero is a Super Monkey confirmed.

Wait.Absolver Beam resembles the Plasma Bolt upgrade and the Ray of Doom.

Yes, I agree

Wait, let’s focus on discussing this boss instead of going off topic

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