The next wave mission type

A type of missions where you will start with 0 power ion blaster and there is only 3 weapon gifts you can pickup, ion blaster,laser cannon and neutron gun
This mission can’t be modified with Skills, you start with 3 life’s and you can’t increase them
You can’t equip any mountable equipment you get
missiles by collecting 50 food items You lose them after completing\losing the mission, food still counts toward your food stat
Score multilayer is 100%+ or more\less?
Key multiplayer is 200%
Enemy health is 50%+


So CI2 but in CIU in other words. Sure, but in order for them to be worth playing, I suggest giving a different reward than the usual. And what would this type’s name be? “Default Type”?

until someone thinks of a better name

I’d rather have the whole CI2 available in CIU engine and not some knock-off mission type.


Delete that before Qbus see it. We clearly dont need that. Its already talked about.


Too late, but I just accepted that people are repeating things and I can’t do anything about it. I can’t even remember when was the last time I used flagging.

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