The new idea (weapon) : elect ball and moron netron gun

Hello. I came back with a new idea. That’s the idea for the elect ball and moron neutron gun.

  1. ELECT BAll:
    This is an electric ball with high power and good. This weapon fires like neutrons (1 second to 1 second).

This is when it comes to chickens. It suddenly shrinks and multiplies. Of course from level 3 up.

Next image. The photo is of their reproduction, which is up to level 7.

Every moment, the fire brigade receives the same gift. One of our balls gets bigger!

  1. moron neutron gun :
    It works like a boron real gun, but a component
    moron is a real gun.
    When it gets to level 4. The number of bullets in this weapon increases. Then level 8, their shape becomes bigger. (It can be said that they gain more weight.)

    Both weapons have the ability to accelerate and complete hybridization.

These are photos of weapons gifts.

Thank you for seeing this idea. Say your opinion in the poll below and like it. (Like this time again because of my first weapon idea.)

What do you think this idea was like?
  • this is perfect !
  • good.
  • not bad .
  • is EHH
  • Awful

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I see zero point for the moron neutron gun and I probably don’t understand the concept.
Is it a machine gun with the same damage type as neutron?

But electro gun is interesting since we don’t have weapons with a fractal pattern yet


A combination of a mneutron damage and a moron real gun.

that green gift is actually the OG ion blaster gift

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that gift is from chicken invaders 1

I changed it.


Moron is kind of reskin, but electro ball is nice I loved it


Anyway i started blasting
With a real gun

1 sec per sec
I like your words magic man

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